What Is A Sex Retreat (And Just How Naked Will You Have To Get, Anyway?!)

You might be wondering what you're in store for!

what is a couples sex retreat Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

So you’ve signed up for a couples or singles sex retreat (or you’re thinking about it!), and you’ve got some questions.


That’s perfectly normal! Being adventurous in the bedroom can be a great way to connect with other people, explore your own fantasies and sexual desires, and can give you some amazing stories with your current partner — or even a future one! But not every retreat is right for every person, and you should always check that everyone involved is okay with the set of rules and allowances detailed for each trip.

That’s just smart planning!

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That said, it’s absolutely OK to be a bit unsure and to wonder just what exactly will be expected of you at this retreat, or what other people might decide they’re going to do while you’re there. Both are equally important to take into account and are necessary to get an idea of whether or not you feel comfortable heading into this sexual foray.


Here is a list of 4 things that you should know before you decide to get involved in your chosen sex retreat:

1. No, you are not required to get naked!

Some people are gun-shy and don’t really like the idea of getting involved in a retreat that either allows for group nudity or sex or encourages it.


Being aware of what you’re looking for and what you’re actually going to get before you go is not only smart, it might save you a lot of worry and discomfort later on! Some retreats might allow for “group activities,” but they will specify that in the literature that you receive about it.

If you’re not sure, definitely ask, and don’t assume.

2. It’s all about learning to communicate.



While there are some sexy perks to taking part in a singles’ or couples’ retreat, one of the basic tenants is actually learning how to communicate better!

You will spend a large portion of your time talking to and communicating with other participants, building trust, and forming the basis of a comfortable relationship with them. And on the plus side of all that talking, you might even learn about some interesting sexual activities that you didn’t even consider before!

3. There are slight differences if you’re a single person.



Single people know what they’re looking for when they arrive, typically, and so there is going to be a bit of an atmosphere of flirtation.

This means that ground rules will have to be established, and overdoing your flirtatious act — or coming on too strong — is a surefire way to make sure people are not comfortable around you. A big no-no! These workshops are not pick-up joints.

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4. Make a vacation out of it!



Whether you’re single or in a committed relationship, this can be a really fun outing that might take you to different places in the world, or to really unique events.

You might want to take some time off so you can really enjoy your time and not feel like you just have to leave sex to “date nights.” 

The most important part of this is to remember to have fun and enjoy your experience!

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