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Yes, Sometimes You NEED To Schedule Sex, But Here’s How It Can Still Be Awesome

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In this modern, busy world of conflicting schedules, extra work hours and other responsibilities, it seems that sex often has to take a backseat to the ebb and flow of daily life. And just like all the other important things in your life, sometimes you have to put sex on your schedule to make sure it gets done.

While it may not seem very romantic to schedule lovemaking, it's even less romantic to leave it to chance or miss out on it altogether.

Luckily, there are ways to incorporate sex into your schedule without stripping it of all the romance. Here are 4 ways to get sex back on your calendar ASAP.

1. Set aside a date night.


Most couples can find at least one night a week when they can both make some free time. If you have kids, send them to Grandma's and get your guy to commit to saving that night for you every week.

Plan some fun and unique activities and top the night off with some bedroom gymnastics. He's likely to agree.

There is bound to be a conflict from time to time, so let him have his outing with the guys, as long as you get a rain check for something even better, like a romantic weekend getaway to a quaint little B&B.

2. Be spontaneous.


Guys can be a little ornery when they're exhausted, so you might not always have much luck with the direct approach when the opportunity seems to present itself.

But once he's aroused, he is almost always willing to finish the job. Don't be scared to be a little devious and an irresistible seductress à la Fifty Shades of Grey. Sit by him and snuggle. A few neck kisses, a well-placed hand and maybe even a click over to Cinemax After Dark might get his juices flowing.

You will have no trouble telling when the seduction process is complete, so just unbutton his shirt and throw yours over your shoulder as you walk to the bedroom. He will never know it was on your schedule all week.

3. Afternoon delight.


A lot of torrid affairs are sustained completely by love in the afternoon. There is something naughty and epically romantic about a daylight affair, even when it's with your husband or boyfriend.

If he has to work late, meet him at a nearby cheap motel at suppertime with some fried chicken and a heart full of lust and passion.

Send the kids to your sister's on Saturday afternoons and have a few private hours under the covers. If he has a private office, bring him lunch once a week and lock the door behind you.

4. Morning sex.


Every man I know loves sex in the morning. Half the time his body is ready when he wakes up in the morning.

At night, his eager anticipation can sometimes make things short and sweet. In the morning, he's rested and relaxed so he can go forever and feel like a real man.

Men are "ready" several times throughout the night while they're asleep.

If you wake up, check out the situation and take the bull by the horn if you happen across an opportune moment. Or wake up half an hour early and start seducing him.

The little bonus for you is he will be thinking about it all day and may very well be ready for round two that night, perhaps even when he gets home.

Or you can tell him you were thinking about it all day, which will probably get him in the mood, too.

The simple fact is the more opportunities you take advantage of, the more you will naturally find time for sex at other times, too.

Try to carve a day or two in stone, look for other opportunities and don't miss any chances or cancel any dat e nights because you're too tired.

It takes commitment and effort but it is worth it to your relationship and satisfaction with life to take the necessity of sex seriously.