Details About The Inside Sources That Say Katie Holmes Is PREGNANT With Jamie Foxx's Baby

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The stars aligned last week when a photo of secret lovers Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes surfaced showing them holding hands and strolling on the beach like regular old couple — despite the fact that they've been dodging and denying a relationship for the entire four-ish years they've been together. 

We've been tryin' to pin these two together for YEARS (because they are so obviously perfect for each other) and they just randomly go for a romantic beach walk like it's no big deal??

But we're totally over being deceived and happy for the happy couple, even though we can't ignore the fact that they haven't actually said they're together yet. 

My guess is we'll have to wait another four years for that bombshell. 

Until then, we can busy ourselves with rumors of what comes after love (according to the most annoying rhyme in history).

That's right, according to, there's a "source" who says that Katie Holmes is pregnant with Jamie Foxx's baby! 

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This "insider" (who I'm sure is, like, super reliable) said they haven't announced the pregnancy (shocker), but Katie being the trickster that she is has been dropping breadcrumbs to all her family and friends. 

“[Katie’s] adjusted her workout and is avoiding alcohol,” the source said. “They’ve also started talking with friends about their future as a family. They aren’t confirming a pregnancy yet, but they’re not denying it either. They’re thrilled [their relationship is] finally out in the open. Neither of them wanted to sneak around anymore.”

While that's the only "inside source" who's come forward with a baby rumor so far, there's another one talking to In Touch Weekly who claims marriage is the next step for this newly public couple. 

Apparently, they're talking marriage and kids in the near future.

Which isn't surprising since they have apparently been dating under our noses for four years (not bitter). 

“Things finally have taken a turn,” the insider said. “Jamie sat down with his closest friends and opened up about his feelings and plans for a life with Katie and [her daughter] Suri [Cruise]. He wants to marry Katie and have a baby with her.”

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Obviously, I'm all for KJ making it even more official and expanding their family. Foxx is wonderful, and Holmes deserves some happiness after allegedly being hypnotized by Tom Cruise for over a decade. 

Along with 11-year-old Suri, Foxx has two daughters of his own, 23-year-old Corinne and 8-year-old Annalise. So that would be one big happy family Cruise is 100% not happy about. 

That same source said he's known about Holmes' relationship since they started dating and it always bothered him. 

"While Katie and Jamie did their best to keep things a secret from the world, Tom is too well-connected and found out about them shortly after their romance began," the source said. "Tom is shocked and upset that Katie is dating a costar he once considered a close friend. He feels betrayed by both of them."

We wish nothing but happiness for Katie and Jamie, no matter what Cruise thinks. 

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