11 Smart Things Women Know That Keep Their Men Satisfied In Bed

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Sex keeps the world turning. Well, perhaps not literally, but it certainly contributes to the population growth. And unless you've decided to remain celibate for eternity, we all know how important sex is, no matter what our desires or needs are, or who we choose to sleep with.

That said, if you're a woman coupled, dating or married to a man that you can't get enough of you, you're smart enough to do quite a few things to please him and you can do this by learning how to satisfy men in bed. 

Before you tell me "Hey what about him keeping me satisfied in bed?" I tell you, of course, that matters too! But that's a whole other article altogether.

Here are 11 things women do for the men we love to keep their hearts — and bodies — pumping in the bedroom.

1. You don't make excuses.

Unless you really do have a headache,  don't use this excuse. The other ubiquitous one, "I'm tired," is also something you don't do because you know that somewhere there exists a woman who will say she's not tired to the person she loves.

Showing a lack of intimate desire in your partner is almost telling him he's not a priority. This doesn't mean you don't get a night off or anything, but that smart women enjoy sex and know that they can sleep when they're dead. They have fun for the night, end up tired, and live to talk about it the next day.

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2. You get creative and try new things.

He loves to try new things in bed and you know that you also need to be inventive of fun and change in the bedroom. Otherwise, stuff gets stale, people get bored, and eyes wander. Of course, you don't need to be a porn star to keep a nice man you love with you, but show a little effort.

3. You're confident.

You know he wants you and finds you sexy. You love her body and don't downgrade your sex appeal or pick yourself apart. You work your body's high points to your advantage and own who you are and what you look like.

4. You don't shame yourself for loving sex.

Shame is for old-school Catholic guilt. Women know their men love them because they enjoy sex for sex's sake and without shame. You ask for your man to please you how you want, without any apology. You express what you want sexually — and he loves it.

5. You surprise him. 

When he thinks you've done all you can do, you try something new: Buy new lingerie, introduce a new sex position, or come up with a sexy idea. No matter what, you catch him by sweet surprise, and that's just another way women can learn how to satisfy men in bed.

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6. You know where to touch him.

You know his spots and what makes him come undone. You know what he likes to get the job done. You use every trick in the book it takes to make sure he gets off.

7. You own your pleasure.

You show him and tell him what you like without being a dictator or a tour guide. You ask for pleasure more and more and don't feel greedy. You should feel deserving because you are.

8. You play into his need for visuals.

Smart women know their men love a little visual action. Whether it's a t-shirt and no panties or some sweet lingerie, you wear it for him and make it fun. You love it and feel sexy in whatever you're wearing, and your man loves it.

9. You don't get jealous.

Sure, he can look at another woman, but you won't get jealous. Smart women know looking is normal — it's the touching that's the issue. You'll mention that woman he found attractive during some foreplay and tease him a little, but in a good way. He loves your confidence and your lack of jealousy.

10. You recognize when things are getting stale.

We all get a little stale after some time with each other, but you can recognize when things need to be spiced up. It's time to open communication lines and start talking about what will light the fire again. And you don't let time lapse and desire fade. You take it on and work with your man to bring your pleasures to a higher peak.

11. You let him watch porn.

And just when you think maybe he needs a little more fun, you'll let him watch as you touch herself. This will blow his mind each and every time.