Nobody Believes These One-In-A-Million Mixed-Race Twins Are ACTUALLY Related

Photo: the sun
mixed-race twins who look nothing alike

At first glance, most passersby would assume Marcia and Millie, both 11, were good friends. After all, they rock the same hairstyles, suit up in the same school uniform and swing sweet matching lunch pails en route to class.

Although they certainly are friends, Marcia and Millie also share the same last name — and womb during their mother’s pregnancy. 

The girls are mixed-race twins who look nothing alike. It's a, quite literally, million-and-one phenomenon. They’ll be starting secondary school this year at King Solomon International Business School in Aston, Birmingham. 

Photo: The Sun 

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According to the twins’ parents, although both were born with generally light complexions, Millie began to develop a darker skin while Marcia sprouted blonde curly hair, an inherited trait from her mother. Conversely, Millie looks most like her Jamaican father. 

Photo: The Sun 

"When I told (people) that they were twins, they would always be stunned. I notice a lot of people doing double-takes," said their mother, Amanda, as The Sun reported. "It does get a bit irritating sometimes when you have people stopping you in the street all the time, but then I remember how beautiful they are and how lucky I am to have them, and the irritation goes away."

Photo: The Sun


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According to mom, although these mixed-race twins who look nothing alike are particularly outgoing and love to dance, Marcia has taken on more of a tomboy-like attitude and does gymnastics. Alternatively, Millie is a budding thespian and is obsessed with pink, dolls, and princesses. Which, not surprisingly, probably sounds like most twins you’ve encountered throughout your life

Of course, this also means that “classroom switch” prank that most twins pull in school will be null and void, probably much to their teachers’ relief. And in our current racially charged social climate, the fact that these two girls shared the same womb should be a glaring sign that skin color is just that — a color.

Check out the video below to learn more about these adorable twins:


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