7 Signs He Thinks Of You As 'The One'

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 he wants me to meet his family

Sure, your relationship seems to be going great, but how do you really know for sure if the man you've been dating and falling in love with thinks of you as "the one."

After all, you can be happy with someone and happy with the way things are, but still have no interest in making a commitment or taking things any farther.

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The only sure way to know how a guy feels about you is to ask him — which, let's be honest, is something you should be able to do.

But in the meantime (and for fun), here are 7 signs he's falling in love and thinks of you as "the one":

1. He's introduced you to the people who matter to him most.

He wants you to meet his friends, his family members and especially, his parents. He seems proud to introduce you and show you off.

2. He makes sure people know that the two of you are together.

He posts pictures of you on his Facebook, Instagram, and other social media feeds, and he changes his relationship status to clearly state that he's "in a relationship.”

3. He take a genuine interest in who you are.

He puts a real, concerted effort into learning about your Interests, surprising you, and Impressing you.

When you’re man seems to ‘take notes’ and remember lots of little things that you like and does little things to surprise you and impress you, it means you’re someone very special to him.

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4. He talks about you often.

You don't just know his friends, his family, his office colleagues and just about everyone he associates with, but he shows affection toward you in front of his buddies and in public, and he talks about you often.

This shows he’s confident that you’re the one he wants to be with and you’re not some dirty secret or fling he’s trying to hide.

5. He includes you in his plans for the future.

He talks about the future with you, and plans future events and trips with you.

When a man discusses future plans with you and includes you in them, that clearly means he is assuming you will be a part of his future and he sees you for the long-term.

6. He makes himself available to you whenever possible.

He makes himself available to you and he's there for you when you need him. No matter how many times you call or text him in a day, he still loves talking to you.

He’ll either answer the phone or call you back as quickly as possible, and he wants to see you and make plans to be with you as much as possible. This means he is ready to invest time in you and sees you as his number one priority, because he feels that you’re worth it.

7. The way he looks at you makes you feel loved.

He looks at you with that starry-eyed look often.

When a man is smitten with a woman, there is a shiny sparkle behind his gaze when he looks at you that will be unmistakably love!

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Deanna Lorraine is a nationally recognized dating and relationship coach.