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The 50 Best Trending (And Outrageous!) Halloween Costume Ideas

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It's ALREADY September, which means that October and Halloween are fast approaching. And if you aren’t freaking out about what your costume is going to be this year yet, you should be freaking out because I’ve been seeing pumpkins and Halloween candy for sale since the beginning of August.

I have always loved Halloween because it means watching scary movies on repeat, eating chocolate, and getting to dress up and spend time with friends either trick or treating or getting drunk at a party.

The constant stream of horror movies on TV and Netflix is definitely my favorite, but getting drunk is a close second (I don’t think you need a holiday to do that, though).

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There has been SO many things going on this past year, which means you have a ton of ideas to choose from when it comes time to narrow down your costume ideas.

That also means you have NO excuse to dress up as sexy corn or something equally as embarrassing and not sexy in the least.

One of my favorite parts about finding the perfect costume for Halloween when I was growing up was choosing something different to be every year.

But I understand the need to find a Halloween costume that is both unique and totally perfect is stressful and overwhelming, which is why I’ve already done the hard work for you and found the 50 BEST Halloween costume ideas this year.

You’re welcome.

Now all YOU have to do is head to the mall for supplies and make sure you document what is bound to be your best costume yet on social media.

50 Best Trending Halloween Costume Ideas 

1. Annabelle Doll Costume

All you really need is some vintage-looking doll clothes and some bomb makeup skills and you're good to go! Oh and one more note, whenever posing for pictures, make sure you maintain that vacant doll stare Annabelle has — it'll really sell the look.

2. DIY Emoji Costume

There are a LOT of ways to make your own emoji costume, but what's so great about it is that it's easy, it's cute, and you can get all of your friends in on the group costume.

Let's be honest: emojis will never go out of style.

3. Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather Costumes

Grab your best friend and go all out (can you recreate McGregor's tats, too?). 

Plus, if you two already have beef about who should have won, channel that into your costumes for an authentic rivalry.

4. The Incredibles Group Costumes

This costume is great for a group of friends or a family, but it doesn't matter who you choose to be a part of this costume.

5. Babadook Costume

Remember the Babdook?

This costume is best as a DIY sort of costume because you can go all kinds of crazy to celebrate the Babdook as a monster and an important gay icon.

Plus, it's still a pretty creepy costume for Halloween, so two birds — one stone, right?

6. Deadpool Costume for Women

The best part about this costume? It looks good on all people, so don't shy away from it if you're a huge Deadpool fan.

And if you want to make this costume even more awesome, grab some of your best friends to be other characters from the Deadpool movie (or comic).

7. American Horror Story Twisty the Clown Costume

Twisty the Clown gained a lot of popularity in American Horror Story, with all of the creepy clown sightings from back in the day, this will terrify everyone who sees you on so many levels.

Hide behind trees and shrubs, and keep that vacant stare to really creep people out.

8. Despicable Me Group Costumes

For fans of all the Despicable Me and Minions movies, this group costume is perfect. Whether you want to get your entire family in on the fun or you want this to be a friends group costume, you have a few ideas.

Have a bigger group you want to dress? Throw in some minions costumes!

9. Game of Thrones Daenerys Costume

So, Game of Thrones may be over forever and you're not over it yet, which is why you want to dress up as one of your favorite GoT characters — Daenerys.

All you need for this is her signature blonde locks, a gorgeous dress, and if you can wing it, some pet dragons.

10. Astrology Group Costumes

Grab your BFF and make your very own astrology or tarot card costumes!

One of you can be the Sun and the other can be the Moon. And then for the rest of the night, the Moon can stand in front of the Sun for authenticity.

11. Stranger Things Group Costumes

It's the perfect time to grab your friends and dress up as Eleven and the Stranger Things crew.

Got more people in your squad? There are a TON of characters to choose from so there's no shortage.

Don't forget Eleven's box of frozen waffles, which makes for a great prop and a snack for later on.

12. Ocean's Eight Group Costumes

Do your own Ocean's Eight costumes with your eight closest BFFs.

What I love most about these costumes is that it doesn't necessarily matter if you wear exactly what these ladies are wearing, as long as you all look like bad a&& women — which, of course, you will.

13. Guardians of the Galaxy Group Costumes

You and your friends need to show just how much the second movie rocked your socks off by dressing up as your favorite characters.

Want to add a little something more? Add your own awesome soundtrack whenever you walk somewhere.

14. Taylor Swift's Look What You Made Me Do Music Video Costumes

Use this iconic video as your inspiration to have a group of friends dressed up as different Taylor Swifts.

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15. Salt Bae and His Salt Bae Costumes

So by now, everyone knows who Salt Bae is, and how stylish he dresses, right? Well if you want an easy, but totally adorable couples costume, why not dress up as Salt Bae and his salt bae, the Morton's Salt girl?

It's a little out-there and you may have to explain who you are to a few people, but it's still a cute idea.

16. Wet Hot American Summer Group Costumes

Whether you were a fan of the OG Wet Hot American Summer or you just started getting into it once Netflix added it to their movie list, this is great if you have a HUGE group of people for Halloween.

The costumes are pretty easy — just a bunch of retro clothing, really — but it's an easy group costume that's still pretty recognizable if you already know the show.

17. Beauty and the Beast Couples Costumes

This couples costume is perfect for the couple who loves the original Beauty and the Beast movie or is just a huge Disney fan in general.

If you have more people in your group, have your friends dress up as all the other characters from the movie.

18. Sexy Donald Trump Costume for Women

You already knew someone was going to make a sexy Trump costume, just like they made a sexy Ken Bone costume *sigh*.

Of course, someone out there will wear it this year, if they didn't already wear one last year.

Bonus points if you add tiny doll hands to go with this costume.

19. Snapchat Filters Group Costumes

This group costume idea is one of my faves because it is so clever. There are SO many Snapchat filters to choose from, so whether it's just you or a bunch of friends, none of you will have to wear the same costume.

Plus, it's super easy and if you get tired of holding up your filter, you can keep walking around looking like a cute fairy princess or dog.

20. Avocado Toast Couples Costume

Because millenials are so obsessed with avocado toast, it only makes sense that avocado toast should be your Halloween costume.

You could make one big extravagant costume for yourself, but why not make it a couples costume?

Toast is nothing without avocado, after all! And OMG ... this makes the perfect pregnancy costume too. WIN.

21. David S. Pumpkins Group Costumes

Tom Hanks introduced us to David S. Pumpkins during the hilarious SNL skit, along with his dancing skeletons.

This is the perfect time to both dress like the amazing Tom Hanks — oops, I mean David Pumpkins — and also show off your amazing dance moves.

Any questions?

22. It the Clown Costume

IWhether you go as the original clown or the new equally scary one, make sure you bring some balloons along to complete the outfit.

23. Moana Costume for Women

Moana is an iconic Disney princess and also a great movie with an awesome soundtrack. Her outfit makes this a very recognizable costume, but if you want to take it one step further, have two friends dress up as the crazy chicken Hei Hei and her pet pig Pua.

24. Wonder Woman Costume for Women

Gal Gadot totally kicked butt in the Wonder Woman movie, so it's only fair to celebrate this kick ass woman by dressing up as her character.

This costume is perfect for anyone, but if you really want to go all out, have friends dress up as other characters from the movie.

25. Handmaid's Tale Group Costumes

The Handmaid's Tale is always relevant, sadly. 

Rock this costume on your own or in a group for maximum effect.

26. Sexy Hillary Clinton Costume for Women

There was already a sexy Trump costume, so it only stands to reason that there would ALSO be a sexy Hillary Clinton costume to match.

I don't know if there's a sexy Bill Clinton costume to match (not sure if I want to know the answer to that), but this costume definitely goes along with the title "Nasty Woman."

27. Game of Thrones Group Costume

Game of Thrones is over and everyone is sad about it, but that doesn't mean you can't go all out with your squad one last time.

This group costume idea is perfect for the die-hard fans who want to walk around a party looking important and speaking like royals.

28. Get Out Group Costumes

Get Out was a movie that blew everyone's minds (go, Jordan Peele!). The costumes from this movie aren't exactly over the top or crazy, but if you get the whole family together, you can make it work!

Go with some of the most recognizable outfits, like these two, and if you've got everyone involved, don't forget the teacup and spoon!

29. Power Rangers Group Costumes

Nothing says "bad a&&" like a squad dressed up like all of the Power Rangers.

Whether you go classy like these women or all out with the whole costume, this is perfect for those who loved Power Rangers as a kid and still do today.

30. Atomic Blonde Costume for Women

Love spies and dressing like a BAMF? Then this Atomic Blonde costume is perfect for you. She has a few different costumes throughout the movie, but something like this is your best costume choice.

Over-the-knee boots, a long coat, sunglasses, and a blonde wig (of course) is perfect!

31. The Walking Dead Group Costumes

The Walking Dead was a crazy popular TV show — I mean, who doesn't love zombies?! — and it also makes a great group costume for Halloween.

More than that, though, The Walking Dead wouldn't be around without the work of George Romero, so consider this costume idea a tribute to his amazing zombie genius.

32. Sexy Jon Snow Costume for Women

Sure, you could go as someone traditional from Game of Thrones, but why not go sexy and totally unexpected? Much like this sexy Jon Snow costume, you can make a statement on Halloween that no one will forget.

Plus, you could have probably guessed that someone would make a sexy version of this outfit at some point.

33. Fidget Spinner DIY Costume

Fidget spinners have been all the rage this year, as well as the butt of a lot of memes and jokes, but that doesn't change the fact that someone actually made fidget spinners into a costume.

This is probably a HUGE project to take on if you're making it yourself, so allow for some serious craft time so you can be ready in time for Halloween.

34. Star Wars Rey and Kylo Ren Couples Costumes

Everyone already knows about the Rey and Kylo Ren duo from the last Star Wars movie, but guess what?! There's another Star Wars movie in the making, so it's time to dress up as your favorite character again.

In addition to that, I hope I see a lot of Princess Leia costumes to honor the memory of Carrie Fisher — Star Wars wouldn't be a good without her.

35. Baywatch Group Costumes

Baywatch recently got a makeover from when Pamela Anderson was on the original TV show and turned into a comedy movie with the Rock (so you know it's funny).

This can either be a group costume making an homage to the OG show or the new movie, but either way you do it, make sure you fit in some slow motion running.

36. Ghost in the Shell Costume for Women

The Ghost in the Shell movie got mixed reviews, but you can't deny that the original manga was both amazing and featured a badass woman.

Make this costume authentic by sporting her classic outfit (and hairstyle).

37. The Purge Group Costume

There were a few Purge movies that came out, the most recent one being released last year, but no matter what year the movies came out, these creepy masks are definitely iconic.

Grab a big group of friends to join you and you've got a costume that is perfectly scary for Halloween.

38. Hot Dog Snapchat Filter Costume

The dancing hot dog Snapchat filter got a lot of hype this year, which also included a lot of memes, but it's still an easy and fun Halloween costume idea.

All you need to pull this costume off is a classic hot dog costume and some serious dance moves.

39. Unicorn Frappuccino Costume

The Unicorn Frappuccino came to Starbucks this year, along with a lot of mixed emotions about the new frapp flavor, but you can't deny that this is a totally unique costume.

All you need are some unicorn accessories, but what makes this costume awesome is the over-the-top makeup. Don't forget to add some glitter and a straw! (Or if you want to put a twist on it, try dressing up as the Dragon Frappuccino. More tasty, with more simple color tastes).

40. Logan Movie Costume

Logan is a Marvel Universe movie that centers around Wolverine and a young girl he meets that has the same mutation he does.

Not only is this costume idea perfect for kids, but if you want to match, you can always go as Wolverine and make it a family costume!

41. Hamilton Group Costume

Everyone LOVED Hamilton when it first came out (and how could you not love it?!), so grab your squad and make this Halloween one for the history books.

What's great about this costume idea is that it's good for small or large groups. But if you want to make it really special, drop a few of your favorite bars from your fave songs when people compliment your costume.

42. A Series of Unfortunate Events Group Costume

There was a Series of Unfortunate Events movie that came out a long time ago, but thanks to Netflix this popular and totally binge-worthy show has come back with none other than Neil Patrick Harris as Count Olaf.

This group costume is great for a family or for friends, but the best way to do it is to all or nothing. Or if everyone wants to be Olaf, have each person dress up as Olaf's disguises.

43. Fifth Harmony Group Costume

Fifth Harmony always made headlines, most notably when Camilla left the group. But not only that — if you heard about what happened at the VMAs, you're probably thinking these ladies are COLD!

That said, they still make catchy music and are totally glamorous.

All you need to pull this costume off is some gorgeous dresses and some smoldering looks for the cameras.

44. Orange is the New Black Group Costume

Orange is the New Black is still showing on Netflix.

Seeing as there are so many awesome characters, all with their own recognizable personalities, to choose from, you can have your pick when getting this costume together.

Bonus points if you do a sweet group photo like this, too.

45. Spiderman Movie Costume

They made yet ANOTHER Spiderman movie, but this one was actually really good, so I guess you can't be too mad about it. And while this is a classic Spiderman costume, you can still make it more like the newest movie by turning it into a group costume complete with new villains and characters.

46. G.L.O.W. Wrestling Group Costumes

80s costumes? Check. Wrestling personalities? Check. Totally awesome women? Check!

If you haven't watched G.L.O.W. yet, you DEFINITELY should. Plus, this group costume was practically made for big groups, so get as many of your friends together as you can. You don't have to show off your wrestling skills, but just make sure everyone knows you mean business.

47. Twin Peaks Group Costume

Twin Peaks was really popular in the 90s and recently came back (with the same cast!) everyone is getting hyped again.

This group costume is perfect for those Twin Peaks die-hard fans who know all of the characters, so when you get ready to show off just how much you love this show, don't forget to be as close to your character as possible.

48. Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton Couples Costumes

These political costumes aren't going to go out of style anytime soon, so it's a good idea to just keep riding the wave.

Whether you want to make this couples costume for yourself and your boo or for your children (hey some kids are game!), make sure to stay patriotic and in character.

49. Riverdale Group Costume

Riverdale on Netflix is based off of the Archie comics, which makes this group costume idea perfect on a few levels.

For one, the cast of Riverdale is totally rocking these outfits, but for another, instead of just dressing up as regular teens, dressing up as the original Archie comic characters brings a classic twist to this new TV show.

50. Trump Administration Group Costume

The Trump administration has taken a lot of hits.

So grab a group of friends and dress up as the people Trump booted from his administration. 

This one is super easy too. Just print out some heads, glue it to a popsicle stick and walk around in a suit. SO easy (and makes quite the statement).