Women Are Now Making Fidget Spinners For Their Boobs

Because of course, they are.

You Can Now Make Fidget Spinners For Boobs Called 'Fidgetiddies' weheartit

Oh, fidget spinners. You’re the kind of pointless contraptions that we will be reminiscing about years from now. Like Pogs or Furbies, fidget spinners will end up in one of those roundup articles depicting silly toys from our past.

But right now we are in the present and these plastic spinners are all the rage. They have taken over the toy world of children, breached adult pastimes, and have become a nail-art beauty statement.


Now, fidget spinner lovers are taking things a step further, perhaps even a step too far, with fidget spinners for {{ boobs }}.

Someone in the fashion world has designed pasties with fidget spinners on them. 

Even the creator of these "fidgetiddies," Manuela Torres-Orejuela, recognizes how pointless they are to society.


"Hi everyone, I have been working on something that absolutely no one asked for..." she tweeted.

She even offers up a step-by-step tutorial so that you can make them for yourself or a loved one. And why not? If you plan on going to Burning Man or Coachella, some fidget boobs would actually be pretty appropriate!

Also, if you’re into hand-making things, some fidget pasties would make a great birthday gift for your gal pals. If you’re not too comfortable with wearing pasties around the town, don’t worry — there are fidget bras, too.

Some of them even light up, making them great for late night bike rides or raves.


Ladies out there are loving this new boob decorating trend because why not embrace how awesome our breasts are?

They are like two blank canvasses, just sitting on our chests, waiting to express themselves to the world. It’s kind of like taking back our right to show off the ladies without being judged.

If I walk around with my boobs out, I’m going to be judged for it in a bad way. But if I pop out a boob, throw some glitter and a fidget spinner on it, everyone will look at me and think I’m an artist or something, right?

Whatever, I’m into it and I hope to see some more ladies strutting their fidget spinner {{ boobs }} out in the wild! 


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