8 Men Reveal What Made Them 100% Sure They Wanted To Marry Their Wives

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what men consider marriage material

"She was the one girl I was attracted to that seemed rather ambivalent about me."

We'd like to think we all know when that moment will happen — when we KNOW someone is "the one." Sometimes we really don't know. Sometimes we break up with someone and then kick ourselves about it for the rest of our lives.

So, if someone is the right one for us, we don't want to make that mistake, right?

We've all had that initial moment — the glance across a crowded room where your eyes meet. You may have felt your temperature rise and your pulse quicken. But that's just physical attraction. It's all chemical. At some point, you have a conversation and you begin to get to know each other. And as you get to know each other more deeply, it becomes more than about that initial attraction.

It is about what really makes that person who they are. Their interests, their personality, their sense of self all comes into play. And that person is the person you will decide you want to be with for the long-term, and maybe even marry.

We asked guys what they think about what men consider marriage material and they didn't hold back. Read on for some amazing stories of how these men knew the person they were with was the one, and how they made that moment last forever.

1. She was smart.

"Intelligence and a strong sense of self in life and career is an aphrodisiac to me. This is what my wife had, though in her early 20s she had an incredibly strong work ethic, determination, sociability, and was well-liked and no flower child."

2. She had an amazing sense of adventure.

"She's adventurous and loves to have a good time, no matter what we're doing. One time when we were dating, we had a picnic in the Shenandoah mountains and we made love in the open during the day."

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3. She wasn't that into me.

"Men are attracted to a challenge, and she was the one girl I was attracted to that seemed rather ambivalent about me. That was hot."

4. She was there during the hard times.

"I was in a pretty bad car accident and laid up for a few weeks. It was when we were only dating a few months and I wouldn't have blamed her if she wasn't interested in sticking around. But she was there every day, and it made me want to be with her forever, and be there for her if she ever needed it."

5. She had her own life.

"We were amazing together but also amazing when we were not together. She had her own interests and friends and that gave us more to talk about when we were together."

6. She was extremely ambitious.

"Her independent and driven attitude are what men consider marriage material, especially me. She was raising two kids with a full-time job in the Air Force and going to school part-time. Dependent women are such a turn-off. She's sexy as hell."

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7. She was loyal.

"I know it's played out — the overarching theme of untrustworthy women — but loyalty has sold me on my wife. It's unlikely that we'll ever be in a real situation in which my spouse or I will have to literally choose between each other and someone/something else, but the assuredness that I would get the metaphorical life preserver over someone else is a mountain of solace in a constantly shifting landscape. Yes, we're largely on the same page sexually and both think the show 'You're The Worst' is brilliant and are getting better at listening to one another, but tenderness and completeness with which we have each other's backs is the keystone of our bond as romantic or unromantic as that may be."

8. She made me feel important and heard.

"We watch too many meals in front of the TV. And we are on our phones when we should be talking to each other. And in the grand scheme of things, we may be only slightly above average rather than a Michelle and Barack super duper couple. However, she makes me feel smart, funny, capable and powerful with the respect and reverence with which she treats both my person and our relationship. I try my best to make her feel the same."

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