4 Subtle Body Language Signals Women Send Using Only Their Breasts

You're going to want to read these very carefully...

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By Carrie Borzillo

Love signals through body language are often tough to interpret. For instance, if she’s staring into your eyes and hanging on your every word, does it mean she’s romantically interested in you? Perhaps, but it may just she’s a good listener and you’re a good talker.

And when it comes to sexier signs of attraction — especially related to man’s best friend, the boobs— all reasoning seems to go out the window.


Men are obsessed with breasts.

That’s why when a woman wears a plunging neckline, accidentally brushes them up against his arm or dares to shimmy her assets anywhere near his eyesight, a guy has to wonder: “Is she flirting with me? Did she do that on purpose?”


My male friends often ask me to help decipher such signs for them, so I’m here to demystify what her boobs may (or may not) be trying to communicate to you.

What It Means When a Woman Shows Off Her Cleavage

Sometimes showing lots of cleavage and wearing a highly provocative outfit means she is hoping your date will advance to the next level.

“If I have a hot date and want to get laid, of course, I’m going to wear something sexy, show a lot of cleavage,” says Chrissy.

Other times, it’s simply a fashion choice. “I just like V-necks. That’s it. Period. I’m not trying to have sex with you every time I show cleavage,” says Joanna.


What To Do:

This one is tricky. “Women know that men undress them with their eyes, so it could mean a hookup is on her mind,” says Spira.

But it may also mean she’s just confident.

“She’s not always screaming for attention. It can just be confidence in herself and her sexuality,” says sex therapist Chris Donaghue, Ph.D., who adds that cleavage aside, another non-verbal cue to watch for is to see if her body is turned toward you and leaning in as you talk.

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What It Means When a Woman Presses Her Breasts Against You

Nine times out of 10, when a woman passes by you and brushes her boobs up against you, it’s not what you hope it is.

“As a waitress, I’ve accidentally clocked a guy in the head with my breasts when I was bending down to put his plate down,” says Meghan.

Hairdressers and masseuses do it all the time as well.

“I never do it on purpose, but it does happen and sometimes the guy will then start to get flirty with me because he’s thinking I did it for him. But, I did it once on purpose to a guy in a bar to get his attention, so I can see how guys would get confused,” says Lisa.

What To Do:


It can be confusing, so you'll need another sign combined with the "titillating" contact to truly take it as a green light to flirt.

“Try striking up a conversation, smile, and flirt and if she does the same back then that’s a better sign that she’s interested,” says dating expert Julie Spira.

My advice is to break the ice with something along the lines of, “Well, your boobs and my arm have met. Maybe I should introduce myself. Hi, I’m Carl.”

“If you aren’t sure, it’s probably best to not respond right away,” adds Zen dating and life coach Marni Battista. " You don't want to come off creepy."

What It Means When a Woman Pushes Her Breasts Out

If a woman gives an exaggerated yawn and puts her arms over her head for a big stretch, naturally making her breasts stick out in your direction, it certainly could mean she’s flirting with you. I know because I’ve done this and I've even written about it.


But, naturally, it could also mean that she’s just yawning because she's tired and she may be completely aware that she’s drawing attention to her chest in the process.

What To Do:

Pay attention to the other nonverbal moves she makes.

“Sometimes a stretch is just a stretch. Don’t assume she likes you… Unless she looks you in the eyes or smiles," says Spira. "If she does that, say something flirty like, ‘Looks like you could use a coffee’ or 'Is it yoga time?'”

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What It Means When a Woman Mentions Her Boob Job to You

Many assume if a woman invests $10,000 in a boob job she’s obviously looking for compliments. That can certainly be true.


“Yes, I want compliments! Absolutely,” laughs Michelle, who got her breasts augmented to a size 34DD.

Some women will bring up the fact that they got a boob job over the course of a conversation, but is that an invitation to say, “Nice choice!”?

Not quite.

What To Do:


If a woman acknowledges her breast augmentation on her own, a polite compliment might be expected. “A guy on a first date said to me, ‘You have such a classic figure.' I liked that. If he said, ‘Nice t*ts!” it would’ve been a turn-off,” says Michelle.

Keep in mind, however, that many women do get boob jobs simply to please themselves.

“Although it’s attractive to you too, women don’t always need your validation," says Battista. "Getting a boob job is fairly common and shouldn’t make you think that a woman is promiscuous or in need of attention or that it’s okay to make comments about them.”

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