Are Aaron Carter And Chris Crocker Dating?! 5 Details & Rumors That Could Mean They're A Couple

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Aaron Carter

It's been quite the month for Aaron Carter. After a decently long hiatus from music, we've learned more about Aaron in the past few weeks than we have his entire life. 

On Aug. 5, Aaron came out as bisexual via Twitter and Instagram. He said when he was around 13-years-old, he started to find both boys and girls attractive. The full post reads: 

"To start off, I would like to say that I love each and every one of my fans. There's something I'd like to say that I feel is important for myself and my identity that has been weighing on my chest for nearly half a decade." 

"This doesn't bring me shame, just a weight, and a burden I've held onto for a long time that I would like lifted off me. I grew up in this entertainment industry at a very young age, and when I was around 13-years-old I started to find boys and girls attractive. There were years that went by that I thought about it, but it wasn't until I was 17-years-old, after a few relationship with girls, I had an experience with a male that I had an attraction to who I also worked with and grew up with." 

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"To me, music has always been my temple. Music will always be what transcends all of us and myself. The studio has always been my safe haven. But the ultimate goal for me is to be satisfied. I never want to be a figure of disappointment." 

"The best quote to sum; 'I never felt as though I didn't belong, I just acted as though I did,' — Boy George." 

Obviously, the world is happy for Aaron, and I hope that this is the start of him finding some peace in life. BUT, before he made this announcement, the world was questioning his sexuality due to the adorable — and very lovey-dovey — friendship between him and internet celebrity Chris Crocker. 

In early 2016, the two started posting photos and tweets about each other that had literally everybody wondering.

I mean, look at them. 

If they were together, they'd easily be the cutest couple to come out of 2017, just sayin'. 

Rumors of their romance were squashed after Aaron announced he was dating Madison Parker, a celebrity photographer. But they broke up the same week he posted about his sexuality AND he and Chris have started tagging each other in cute photos once again. 

Here are the details, rumors and photos that might answer the question: Are Chris Crocker and Aaron Carter dating? Are they a couple? Here goes: 

1. In February of 2016, Chris posted some snuggly photos with Aaron. 

The world was both confused and excited when Chris took to Instagram to post multiple photos with Aaron. In one, he even slyly captioned, "Aaron found his candy." Other captions include "why you so ashamed of me," and "@aaroncarter and me got couples therapy to sort through." The photos have since been deleted.

Chris also posted a few videos, one about the two having a mock argument over Aaron having a crush on a girl. Was this a hint about the singer's bisexuality? 

Apparently, their close friendship blossomed after Aaron binge-followed gay social influencers and media outlets on Twitter.  

2. Chris also posted a video in 2016 that shows them about to kiss. 

In the video, Aaron asks Chris to take a selfie, and Chris refuses, arguing again about Aaron's supposed "female crush. 

Crocker says, “I should be the only woman in your life,” which Carter replies to with “you are.” And the video ends right before the two are about to kiss. Chris removed the video from his Instagram shortly after it was posted. 

3. Chris came to Aaron's defense when people started accusing him of doing drugs. 

While their friendship remained decently quiet over the past year, their care for one another started to resurface after Aaron was hospitalized for being body-shamed by fans because of his weight. He announced that when he was 19, he was diagnosed with a hiatal hernia, a medical condition makes it difficult for him to eat.

Chris took to Facebook to call out people who were "celebrating his downfall," rather than focusing on his new music, which Chris said he had worked hard to create. In the video, however, Chris said that though he consider he and Aaron friends, that he didn't know him that well. 

He posted another video on Instagram defending the singer, but that has also been deleted. 

4. They recently started posting photos of each other again. 


On Aug. 14, Aaron posted a screenshot of a FaceTime call he shared with Chris. He captioned it, "Face timing with my Boobies made me smile today thank you Chris for your words so much love for you always." 

The same day, Chris also posted a screenshot of the same combination, tagging Aaron with the caption "my goob."

Goob. It's not as revealing as calling someone "babe" or "baby" or "boo," but it could be a sweet pet name between the two. 

5. Both Aaron and Chris have posted some not-so-subtle messages about hating the single life. 

While neither of them have made an official comment about their relationship, both have tweeted what could be a hint. 

Chris posted the above photo that same day he was on the phone with Aaron, and that same day, Aaron tweeted "Looking forward to laying on my couch hanging out with my bulldog baby and watching Netflix #TheSingleLife." 

I mean c'mon guys, just tag each other already. 

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