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37 Memes, Quotes & Gifs Only People Who Love Wine Can Appreciate

If there’s one thing that mankind has proven it will do just about anything to get, it’s alcohol. In fact, man’s relationship with wine can go back as far as 7000 BC in China. And in modern day times, the joy of drinking wine has become a widespread joke among the winos of the world who simply can’t get enough of it.

Although Millennials are often accused of destroying many industries, the wine industry is certainly not one of them. In fact, people in this particular generation have been drinking so much wine that they’re literally changing the wine-selling game.

Nearly half of the wine in this country on a yearly basis is consumed by lush Millennials downing their favorite of all alcoholic beverages by the glass, bottle, or even sometimes the box.

And why not? Wine is amazing.

It can be dry, rich, have robust flavors and gentle hints of undertones. … It can be fruity or mellow, sparkling or heavy. You can have wine in so many different ways and with so many different types of food that it will make your head spin. And it can even be healthy for you (in moderation!). 

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So are you a huge fan of wine and getting whisked away by its awesomeness? Do you love it in any form you can get it in? If so, you know you don’t have to be a wine snob to appreciate a nice (and cheap!) bottle of the good stuff.

And you certainly don’t need to test the bouquet with a delicate whiff before you dive right in and enjoy it. For you, putting on your best, comfiest pair of yoga pants, putting your hair up in a bun, and grabbing your favorite bottle of wine is probably one of the most relaxing things in the world.

The only thing better would be if you could enjoy a lovely glass — or several — while taking a divine bubble bath and eating rich chocolate and cheese to go along with it. And who can blame you? That sounds literally like heaven.

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So if you LOVE wine, there’s likely a good reason for it, and these funny wine memes and wine gifs have you laughing so hard you nearly spit up the red you’re pairing with this hysterical list. If you love laughing at ridiculous things, then enjoy the memes that will have you screaming “That’s us!” with your best drinking buddy.   

Here are 37 of the funniest memes, gifs and quotes about wine that you'll ever find anywhere:

1. Your "just one glass" limit is way different than anyone else's.

2. Who says drinking isn't a workout?

Wine aerobics meme.

3. You won't stand any judgmental ish when it comes to wine.

I'm not having a glass of wine, I'm having six. It's called a tasting and it's classy.

4. The size of your glass is pretty much how bad your day was.


5. If you're having alcohol with orange juice, then It's a mimosa!

When someone suggests wine at 8AM.

6. Some dreams can never be real...

I'm chuggin it.

7. You don't understand why people tell you to "say when."

8. You're willing to educate people on the "proper" way to consume wine.

Whether you see your glass half empty or half-full it doesn't matter. You did NOT pour enough wind into your glass. Start over.

9. You know that wine humor is the best humor.

All those in favor of drinking heavily, raise your hand.

10. You relate way too much to people with this response to problems:


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11. That counts, right?

If wearing leggings and reaching for a bottle of wine is considered yoga, I worked out every day this week.

12. You believe too much wine is never a bad thing — until you wake up, that is.

Say when... when.

13. You're a firm believer in the healing powers of wine.

14. The power of wine compels you! 

I have things to do but this glass of wine is holding me down.

15. You know when to call in your "A" team.

Step aside, water! This is a job for wine.

16. You don't know how to interact with people who say they don't like wine.

First of all, how dare you.

17. You won't just take any old "wine."


Someone offered me grapes, but I declined. I'm not used to consuming my wine in pill form. 

18. Does such a thing exist?!


The other day someone told me that I could make ice cubes out of leftover wine. I was confused... what is leftover wine?

19. You're a pro at finding amazing cheap alcohol.

20. What, like you have to choose a type?

When someone asks if I'm a red or white wine person. Honey, I'd suck the alcohol out of a deodorant stick.

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21. But when someone does open one of your favorites, it doesn't last for long.

Oh look, it's a bottle of wine. Aaaaand it's gone.

22.  You're too excited to wait for something like glasses.


23. You don't really care about labels... for yourself, anyway.


Oh you're a foodie? I guess that makes me a drinkie.

24. It's like they... they read your mind.

25. You're not afraid to show your love for wine.

26. Did you think there would be a "no" in that answer?

Friend: "Do you wanna come over for wine Wednesday?"

27. You're a little outspoken about your wine love, sometimes.

Me: Red or white? Guests: We don't drink wine. "Peasants".

28. Some people have therapy, but you've got that covered, too.


29. Sometimes you know it's a bad choice, but, c'mon. It's delicious!


Time for bed. Have to be up for work. Have another glass of wine.

30. It's all about finding a healthy balance.


It's funny how 8 glasses of water a day seems impossible, but 8 glasses of wine can be done in one meal.

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31. You're not about to waste a bottle to last minute plan cancellations.

32. You're not ashamed to admit that this would probably work on you.


...and that's how I got kidnapped.

33. Got that pesky "water" situation fixed.


Finally got my sink fixed.

34. Your friends all love wine as much as you do.



35. You've got everything in order when it comes to drinking.


When someone is pissing you off but you have your priorities straight. I was gonna punch you but I'm holding wine.

36. It inspires creativity (but usually only when you're already drunk).


Roses are red. Wine is also red. Poems are hard. Wine.

37. You're not about to have something come between you and getting your drank on.


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