17 Men Reveal The Subtle Thing You Do That Turns Them On Like Mad

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subtle things that turn men on

As much as the beauty industry would like to make us believe it, sometimes there’s more to turning on a man than just tits, ass, and a flawlessly dusted face. It’s easy to subscribe to the stereotype that men are simplistic creatures of rudimentary taste; however, doing so discounts their amazing ability to appreciate more than just the basics.

We asked guys to tell us the subtle things that turn men on and what men think of those little quirks of yours. Here's a hint: Most of it is more mental than physical.

1. Big teeth

"Slightly larger, prominent incisors. But not buck toothed. I love Alyson Hannigan’s teeth, for example. A big, bold smile like that is a huge turn-on."

2. Being submissive in bed

"Strong, driven women who are submissive sexually."

3. A sexy voice

"A small drop in vocal range to that sultry tone or a look flashed at me from the right angle. But what gets me the most is the change in facial expression to that of a look of passion and lust in the eyes with the devilish half smile of knowing the pleasure that is to follow."

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4. Nose wrinkles

"When she smiles and gets these cute wrinkles on her nose that I love, I find that to be a big turn-on."

5. Being present

"Simply being present for more than 10 seconds at a time. Presence is the fertile soil of a good relationship or a hot fling. The fine art of paying attention can’t be over-valued at the kitchen table or under the sheets... or under the sheets ON the kitchen table!"

6. Eating red cherries

7. Confident with humility

"I love a woman who believes in herself and is comfortable with it, but not an assh*le about it. No one wants to be with a Gaston with boobs."

8. Maintaining eye contact

"Like the intentional eye contact while continuing to do whatever she is engaged in (sipping a drink, holding a conversation, etc.). Having a conversation just with a woman's eyes and a couple of facial expressions can be very seductive."

9. Freckles

10. Dancing and humming to herself

"All while moving through daily tasks and rituals. The moment I fell in love with my current girl was when we got lost in Brooklyn. After we were very tired of walking, she pulled out her phone, put on her playlist, and marched on humming to the music, unfazed by who was listening on the street."

11. A certain look in her eyes

"Messy hair, painted toenails, and that 'bedroom look' in her eyes. You know, the "I'm having sex with you already in my mind' look."

12. Nice nipples

"I like a really good nipple. Doesn’t matter the size of the breast or even the areola, but nipples that are reactive are a huge turn-on."

13. Confidence, confidence, confidence

"I've always liked a certain vitality that comes with confidence and being comfortable in her own skin, warts and all. It's hard to pin down. I've also always appreciated women who can be comfortable with their femininity as well as their athletic badassery. What can I say? I married a roller girl!"

14. Tan lines

"I don’t know what it is, but a tan line on the bottom drives me crazy, especially if it’s more conservatively cut."

15. Paying attention

"Although I don't mind doing things for people I care about, the sexiest thing a girl can do for me is acknowledge me and the things I like and show that acknowledgment through little things like wanting to watch my favorite film or wanting to learn about the things I'm interested in."

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16. Modesty

"One of the more subtle things that turn men on is when a girl is playfully modest. Let me elaborate on that: Let’s say you are out with her and she sits on something that she has to hop up on while in a dress. She has to slide to hop off and when she does her skirt comes up showing a bit more leg than she meant to. She blushes, giggles and gives you a coy smile showing that, while it was an accident, she is okay with you seeing. That’s HOT."

17. Consideration

"Honestly, I'm my most sexually ravenous and adventurous when I feel taken care of. My wife and I are usually both really hard workers, but sometimes when I'm going through a rough spot, she'll go all 50s housewife a make some comfort food, get my favorite beer, draw a bath for me, treat me to a massage, and just let me luxuriate and take a load off with the faith that she's got me. Something about that level of consideration and comfort makes me feel warm, loved, and really turned on."

Men are visual creatures when it comes to just about anything. Watch the video below to uncover what makes sex so incredible for men:


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