Women Are Using Makeup Sponges During Period Sex — Here's Why That's A Big No-No

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The first time I got my period while I was dating someone who had I actually had sex with I was terrified. I was so nervous that he'd find out I was menstruating.

I don't know why, exactly. I think it was partially because we had a lot of sex, and I was insecure enough to think that if I said "Hi, I have my period," he would immediately recoil and deny me intercourse and then the floor would open up and the devil would take me to his dark and flame-filled lair. You know, the usual. 

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I've dated many dudes since, and they have all had their own feelings about period sex. 

For me, period sex is nice, partially because sex is always nice, and partially because for me (and many other women) having sex can help alleviate some of the painful symptoms I associate with menstruation.

Unlike some other folks I know I don't have an issue with a man who isn't into period sex. I get it, believe me. It's a lot of blood, and I can't imagine it's pleasant to look down at your penis and wonder if it murdered a vagina. 

Which brings me to ...

Makeup Sponges As Menstrual Sponges

A recent article published on Lifehacker shared a tip for helping you to tamp down the flood of blood during whoopie-making time, and it was not awesome. 

The article suggested using your disposable makeup sponges as a sort blood stop measure that won't irritate his penis.

This is a terrible idea.

For one thing, most disposable makeup sponges are made of polyester, and polyester is a material that has been linked Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS). 

According to gynecologist Dr. Jen Gunter: "Hypotheses include increased bacterial adherence to the polyester foam or the gel agent (or both), the absorbancy may have helped with bacterial growth, or the impact of the significantly more air trapped by the polyester foam versus a cotton or rayon tampon. Oxygen is a co-factor in development of TSS." 

If you are going to put something in your vagina, you want it to be all-natural and as close to sterile as possible.

When I read that women were using disposable makeup sponges I knew it was only a matter of time until some desperate woman shoved her Beauty Blender up her vagina and that is horrible idea. Those sponges we use daily like Beauty Blenders are filthy and probably not great at staunching the tide of blood flow.

Ask yourself: is stopping a bit of blood worth the walloping yeast infection or other bacterial infection that sponge might cause?

Safe alternatives

I don't think it's wrong to try and ebb the tide of menses (that sounds like a chapter from Game of Thrones, lol) but you have better options than a disposable makeup sponge.

Take a dose of ibuprofen to ease uterine contractions and lessen flow, or experiment with menstrual cups or vaginal sea sponges. While not all of these options are perfect for every single woman, there is probably one of those that might help you make period sex just a little bit less messy without making you uncomfortable or ill to boot! 

Now that I've been helpful, allow me to get on my high horse.

If you want to have period sex, HAVE PERIOD SEX.

Did you know that a woman's body can actually stop shedding lining when you have sex? Your body literally wants you to get your period swerve on.

I think this if you are your partner are into period sex, don't just be ostensibly into period sex: Go all the way. Embrace the mess, use ancient sheets, and swap out having to do a deep dive into your vagina for some errant piece of sponge with a little bloody afterglow cuddle. 

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Ultimately, what you decide to do in regards to period sex is up to you and your partner. If you love it, do it, if you don't, don't. If you want to find something to keep inside you to staunch the flood of uterine lining, do that. But be smart about all of these things. You only get one vagina, after all, and you need to treat it with respect. 

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