6 Reasons Why Having Period Sex Is Actually GOOD For You

Don't tell me it's "messy" — good sex is messy anyway.

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Period sex.

People have opinions about it, yo. 

Here's mine: sex is sex, and if it's acceptable for a dude to orgasm on a lady's face, methinks he can stomach a little bright red proof that she's not carrying a child he will have to support. 

Some men are crazy passionate about period sex, and to them I say simply: 

Thank you for your service to our nation's vaginas. 



You already know that it's fine to have period sex, you already know that if you go in with the proper mindset, period sex can be the best sex you've ever had. 

But did you know that there are actually some insane health benefits to doing it, too.

Allow science and I to educate: 

1. Your naturally occurring fluids are better than lube

Throw that lube in the trash. I mean don't ... you'll need it later. But you won't during your period, because you are mad juicy with all sorts of fluids.

They are there for a reason — to be used and enjoyed, yo! I mean technically we all know the reason is that you are shedding uterine lining, but let's be real: this is a benefit! 


2. Because it's a cramp cure

Know what sucks about getting your period? Aside from, um, all of the things? CRAMPS. THE MOST. I used to get cramps so bad they made me gag and dry heave like the perfectly wonderful drama queen I am.

If you want to get rid of cramps HAVE PERIOD SEX! During intercourse, your body releases oxytocin and other feel-good hormones that reduce pain feelings. Science, yo. 

3. Because your body overrides the ick of period sex 

So you won't to have sex and you've got your period. He's fine with it, but you yourself are skeeved.

Well, I could lecture you about embracing your womanhood in all its bloody glory, but instead I'll just direct you to this study that reveals sexual arousal overpowers feelings of disgust and self-consciousness.


Self-esteem through sex, sign us up! 

4. Because period sex shortens the length of your period 

Know what happens you orgasm? You contract. You know what your bodying is doing during all of your period all on its lonesome? Contracting.

If you add contractions to naturally occurring contractions you speed up the process of your body expelling what it needs to get rid of. 



5. Because you're hornier during your period 

There is science to suggest that during your period you are turned on more than ever before! That's probably because your body is getting ready to get back into fightin' reproducin' form.



6. Because it can regulate your cycle

This is a relatively new finding, but if it's true it's AWESOME. Having sex with a man while you have your period can actually regulate your cycle if your's is a bit unpredictable.

Whyfore? Because of a hormone men secrete from their armpits during sex! ARMPIT SORCERY. 

No go forth and get messy!