Brave Guys Reveal What They Really Think Of Period Sex

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What Guys Think Of Period Sex

I’ve had period sex once in my life. It was, for lack of a better word, disgusting. Being on my period and trying to get intimate is definitely too much blood for my liking, but the dude in question was really into it, so instead of missing out on the opportunity to get some, I went with it. I have not done it since, nor will I do it again.

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Period sex is a controversial topic. You’re either into or you’re not and if you happen to be indifferent to it, it’s more about the fact that you want to get laid and can’t wait until your period is over to do it again than anything else. But while we, as women, have opinions on what it’s like to roll around in our own menstrual blood, men, too, have their two cents on the matter. 

YourTango asked eight men for their opinion and this is what they had to tell us.

1. I’d rather do anal that time of the month.

“Yes, I've had period sex and blood just was not my jam. Too messy. But I've noticed women are horny during that time of the month, so I'm not above pleasing my partner, but I'd just prefer to avoid that whole area altogether. It's a good time of the month for other things that I know my partner enjoys, like anal or a blowjob.”

2. It’s primal and animalistic.

“In my younger years, I though it was hot. Really primal and animalistic, so I never skipped sex just because my girlfriend had her period. Instead, I almost welcomed it. But I feel differently now that we have kids. All we need is for one of them to see the bloody aftermath and they'll need therapy for years.”

3. I have Netflix.

“No thanks. I have the internet … and Netflix to get caught up on.”

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4. We both got UTIs.

“I wasn't turned off by it, in fact the one time we've tried it, [period sex] seemed like a good idea. Hell, no lack of lubrication, all the hormones are going nuts, so why not? The result was blood everywhere (including flicks on random walls from when I slipped out) and a not-so-fun UTI for both of us. Fun side point: Men can have a UTI that shows no symptoms until you're in dire straits with a high fever and the infection's in your kidneys. So yeah, I'm a guy not put off by the concept, but living proof that the execution can be thoroughly unpleasant.”

5. It makes me want to gag.

“If I could get myself around the potent smell, it would be OK, but I can't. Even when I'm extremely turned on to a point where that stuff doesn't usually bother me, period blood just does. Even thinking about it now makes me want to gag.”

6. Period sex is my anal.

“I love it. My girlfriend and I always have sex when she has her period; she says it helps her cramps, too. There's just something so deliciously taboo about it and like you’re getting to do something you shouldn’t similar to anal. But I don’t like anal, so I guess period sex is my anal.”

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7. Sex with blood or no sex?

“If it means sex with blood or no sex at all, then what do you think I’m going to choose?”

8. It’s sexy as hell.

“Basically: as long as precautions are taken (better to have to wash my dark blue towel than have permanent stains on my white sheets), I love it. I think it feels better things are slightly warmer and wetter, etc. But more than that, it shows a certain level of trust and intimacy if a woman is comfortable having sex with me then.

Or, in other cases, it's a lack of self-consciousness. And trust, intimacy, and confidence are all huge turn-ons. And the slight aura of the taboo that surrounds it is also sexy. I've had girlfriends who loved it (good for cramps) and ones who wouldn't let me go near them, and some who fell in between (i.e. sex but no oral sex yes, I go down on women who have their periods, and no I don't think it is gross) and, of course, all choices are valid, but it's hard to deny that I think having no boundaries or restrictions is sexy as hell.”