8 Strippers Reveal The Scent They Wear And Song They Dance To When Performing

"‘Wonderstruck’ from Taylor Swift."

What Perfumes Do Strippers Wear? 8 Performers Reveal What Scent They Put On While Dancing

When strippers are on stage, they aim to command the attention of the entire room. Obviously, their performance is the main part of their commanding presence, but so is what they are wearing, and how they do their makeup or hair.

But there's also so much more than that. What kind of music do they play and dance to? And what perfumes do strippers wear?

"The scent should exude the feel of 'I'm not a virgin but I'm not a whore either,'" says Shane, a drag queen from Colorado. "The song I dance to just depends on the demographic in the room and what feeling the universe is giving me to perform."


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So there's a lot that goes into it, but some people have very specific scents and sounds they go for. We asked 8 strippers their absolute favorite song to dance to and what signature scent they wear.

1. Aphrodite Rose, 29


Favorite song to dance to: "It's a song called 'Candy' by Borns or I'll do a different routine to a song called 'Waiting Game' by Banks. I like to just lightly touch/tickle people as I go through the audience, just enough so that their naughty parts start to tingle and for them to never forget the aphrodisiac scent that is left behind."

Favorite scent to wear: "As a burlesque performer, the stagoptions vary in NYC. If I get to work the floor, I will wear Stella McCartney's 'Stella.'"


2. Adam Villani, 21

Favorite song to dance to"When I strip I like to standout. For this reason, instead of some generic high-paced song, I like to slow it down and keep it sensual. My favorite songs to strip to are 'What is Love' remix by Jaymes Young, 'Crazy in Love' remix by the Eden project, and 'Rich White Girls' by Mansionz. These all have a slower pace and I can really get in a sensual mood with it and my movements.

Favorite scent to wear: "To match the change of music, I don't like to wear standard douchey scents. I usually stick to scents by Jo Malone or Diptyque. My favorites are Tam Dao by Diptyque and Wild Bluebell by Jo Malone."


3. Mandy, early 20s, Crazy Horse III

Favorite song to dance to"One of my favorite songs to dance to is 'Grind With Me' by Pretty Ricky. The combination of more sexual lyrics with an innocent and sweet perfume is always a crowd pleaser."

Favorite scent to wear: "A classic scent I wear in the club is 'Pink Sugar' perfume."


4. Candice, early 20s, Crazy Horse III

Favorite song to dance to"I love to perform to Rihanna songs, especially 'S&M.' All of her jams are sexy”

Favorite scent to wear: “I like to wear Victoria’s Secret ‘Scandalous’ perfume. The Victoria’s Secret perfumes are fairly recognizable and sexy."


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5. Molly, 24, Crazy Horse III

Favorite song to dance to"I love performing to 'Set It Off' by Diplo. I try to channel the girls in the music video as much as possible."

Favorite scent to wear: “My go-to scent is always ‘Wonderstruck’ from Taylor Swift. I like to keep my perfume smelling girly and fruity."


6. Jenny, 26, Crazy Horse III

Favorite song to dance to"One of my favorite songs is 'Na Na' by Trey Songz, especially if I’m giving lap dances."

Favorite scent to wear: “I’m always wearing Calvin Klein’s ‘Obsession’ perfume when I’m working because it has a spicier and more distinct scent than most other perfumes." 



7. Goldie Peacock, 31, performs all over the world, including Henrietta Hudson and the Highline Ballroom

Photo: Suri

Favorite song to dance to"I've taken my clothes off to every genre of music under the sun. My stripping, which is equal parts campy and sexy, is always in service to the narrative of my pieces. Tweet's 'Oops (Oh My)' and Beethoven's 'Symphony No. 5' are two songs that have accompanied my onstage clothing removal."


Favorite scent to wear: "When I do drag, I almost always wear Chanel Platinum Égoiste Pour Homme, which smells like sexy money and makes me feel authoritative and expensive." 



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8. Kitty Kat DeMille, 38, Las Vegas and New Orleans strip clubs

Photo: Kendra Smith Greenberg

Favorite song to dance to"My absolute favorite song to dance to in the club is 'Ain’t No Rest For the Wicked' by Cage the Elephant. I come from an extensive dance background (years of Ballet, Modern Dance, Specialty Act Training) so I love this song because it’s musically dynamic (it changes loudness, tempo). This differentiation allows you to equally rock your polework and your floorwork. Plus, it’s a kickass song."


Favorite scent to wear: "I wear Hermes’ Terre D’Hermes. It’s designed for me but has a popular female following (it’s the signature scent of Sofia Vergara). I love the sexy smell but it’s a great business move. Perfume, like glitter, is a BIG indicator for wives of married men clients. These are men who come to a club to feel better about themselves, so the worst thing you can do is douse yourself with perfume so they get hounded by their ball and chain when they get home."



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