10 Things Extremely Charming People Do WAY Differently

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1. They actually like themselves. 

Extremely charming people are comfortable with who they are, in spite of their flaws. Their accepting nature makes others open up around them. Their positive attitude uplifts people with their easy-going nature and optimism for life.

2. They are honest about their insecurities. 

They openly admit their own faults and weaknesses, which makes them very relatable and human. They are not afraid to discuss the difficulties or failures in their own lives and are nonjudgmental of shortcomings in others.


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3. They are genuinely happy to see you. 

They love people, period. They are fascinated by the psychology of human nature. They enjoy spending time with others for the sake of their company, and not because they are lonely or want something in return.

4. They smile a lot. 

They are playful and light-hearted, choosing to focus on the good in people, and the bright side of life. They encourage other people’s dreams and aspirations. They are sincere with their compliments, which makes others feel appreciated.

5. They speak their mind. 

They are not afraid to express their opinion. They do not please people for the sake of some ulterior motive. They are true to themselves, which earns others trust as well as their respect and admiration.


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6. They are good listeners. 

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They do not simply wait for their turn to talk, but actually listen to others. They know they can learn something from everyone, and everything fascinates them. They give people a fair chance and treat them equally regardless of social or financial status.


7. They are self-aware. 

They take the time to engage in introspection and self-reflection such that they are aware of their strengths and weaknesses. They do not simply react to things, but consciously choose to act in a manner that is considerate of their own and other’s feelings.

8. They have healthy boundaries. 

They inculcate a healthy sense of self-esteem and respect. Though they are nice and polite, they also do not let people walk all over them. They know how and when to draw the line and say no.


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9. They are spontaneous. 

They are excited and enthusiastic about life and treat it like an adventure. They like to experience new things, and try out interesting activities. They are open to trying something that they haven’t done before.

10. They connect deeply. 

Since they are able to connect with themselves on an authentic and deep level, they are also able to connect well with others, which creates a relaxed and fun environment of open and honest communication.


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This article was originally published at Thought Catalog. Reprinted with permission from the author.