My Vagina Fell Out During Sex (And Here Are All The Gory Details)

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vaginal prolapse

Ever have a romp with a man who was so wild and so rough? Well, the truth is that it is possible to have sex that’s rough enough to pull your vagina out of your body.

If you’re wondering, yes, I know this from personal experience, and yes, I’m going to tell you how this vaginal prolapse happened. (By the way, this can happen to anyone, assuming that the right circumstances are lined up to have it happen.)

Before you run away screaming from anything with a penis, I should explain that there were a couple of things that happened that made this all possible. After all, this isn’t something that typically happens with sex, even if your vagina has seen its fair amount of things in its days.

First off, I had recently gone under the knife in order to get a partial hysterectomy and I also had my tubes tied. I also had given birth a couple of years prior. Oh, and my partner just so happens to have a member roughly the size of a can of Monster energy drink. (I'm not sure if that last part had anything to do with it, though it probably didn't help.)

Now let’s get into how my vagina fell out. This particular day, he and I had gotten particularly rough, and we had forgotten to use lube. Sex was painful, primarily because he kept hitting my cervix. However, I enjoy pain down there, so that wasn't the issue. Once sex was wrapped up, he pulled out — and that’s when I felt something was not quite right.

Unlike every other time we’ve done it, I started to dry heave. I couldn’t figure out what had happened to make me nauseous. Was I in pain? Was it something I ate? Though I did have a little bit of after-sex pain, it wasn’t really clicking with me that this was what was causing my nausea. 

Soon after the heaving stopped, I noticed that there was a heaviness “down there.” The best way to describe it is that it felt like I was “fuller” down below, almost as if there was extra equipment that I just magically grew in the span of 5 minutes.

My cervix was sore, but aside from that, I didn’t really feel any pain. It’s a lot less painful than you’d expect it to be.

When I got up to pee, I headed to the bathroom... and nothing. I felt the need to pee, but for the life of me, I couldn’t urinate. I ended up having to push hard just to be able to pee. Something was definitely wrong.

My boyfriend, noticing the heaving and urinary problems, turned to me and asked, “Honey, are you okay?”

“I don’t know,” I said as I got back onto the bed.

Then he gasped. He looked down and asked me what that “weird pink donut thing” is. I asked him what he meant. He took a photo, and lo and behold, there was a huge pink mass that was dipping out of me. That’s when I realized that my vagina fell out.

So, what actually happened here? Technically, the term for what happened is a pelvic organ prolapse, or a vaginal prolapse, and approximately 40 percent of all women will experience it to some degree, due to a number of reasons. It happens when your pelvic muscles weaken and fall out of their rightful place. It happens with women who give birth, women who have hysterectomies, as well as older women.

Is it as horrifying as it sounds? Truthfully, it’s actually not as bad as it sounds. Mostly, I just felt heavy “down there,” had a little bit of a hard time peeing, and occasionally peed when I sneezed. Most of my symptoms were mild discomfort but the pain was way worse when it fully fell out.

Fixing a vaginal prolapse takes time, especially for women who have had a full prolapse like I did. A pessary, which is a small insertable support, can be used to help keep things in place, and if you commit yourself to exercising, a lot of the issues that cause prolapse can lessen over time.

However, surgery often is the best fix, but I didn’t opt for that, myself. Depending on the situation, surgery can involve sewing up your vagina or actually surgically putting things back into place. It was just too invasive for me. 

In my extremely rare case, my vaginal prolapse did get better over a relatively short amount of time, especially after I put everything back in. The pain got less, things started to shift back into place, and there's not as much discomfort as there once was. And, better still, I haven't seen the inside of my vagina after sitting down in recent weeks.

However, it’s still a struggle and I still have a way to go. Things are still not completely normal down there, and peeing is still a struggle. 

Nowadays, I make sure my boyfriend is gentle with me down there and I have to keep a certain lifestyle in order to make sure nothing falls out again. In order to help improve my pelvic muscles, I have to hit the gym and keep a low weight. I have to be very careful having sex until things are fully (or almost fully) healed, and well, I also have to do Kegels every night.

But, at the very least, things are coming along fine and in the future, things should probably all be back into place once more.