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Holy Transformation — Macaulay Culkin Is Seriously HOT Now

macaulay Culkin Is Hot

Once the adorable child star of Home Alone, Macaulay Culkin famously became washed-up and scary-looking. The photos of him looking emaciated, scraggly, and downright ugly have been circulating the internet for years. Actually, many of you have probably seen them so many times that you completely tuned out anything Macaulay-related. 

However, it turns out that things have turned around for the former child star and now Macaulay Culkin is HOT!

People on the internet are pumped about his new look and photos have been showing up all over the place. The latest was a photo of him looking incredibly handsome and sexy while picking up cigarettes at a corner store.

Apparently, he was heading out to have dinner with Disney star, Brenda Song, who is also his coworker on Changeland, Seth Rogan’s new show. His fans seem to be really proud of him, and a lot of internet dwellers can’t get over what a babe he has turned into.

Now aged 36, the actor has taken on a more hipster style with a much healthier looking body. His face is no longer sunken in, and his hair is much more full and tamed. In fact, he looks much younger and sexier than he did in his earlier years.

While the media speculated that his degrading looks were due to drug addiction, Culkin actually denied being addicted to substances like heroin. Whatever it was that caused him to really fall off the good looks wagon, Culkin is back in action. Some people say that the change may have stemmed from his role on Changeland, but no one can say for sure why Macaulay Culkin is hot now.

Culkin's goddaughter, Paris Jackson (the daughter of Michael Jackson), posted a photo of them casually hanging out together.

Photo: Instagram

Fans have been taking to Twitter and reposting his sexy, newly leaked photos with pretty heartwarming commentary. Many of them say that they now feel inspired to improve their own looks because if Macaulay Culkin can do it, so can they! 

Check out the video below to see how his looks have changed throughout the years:


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