There's A New Sex Toy Coming Soon That's Like Nothing You've Seen Before

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sex toy balloon

When it comes to sexual health and wellness, I have been very lucky. 

I practice safe sex and I have never gotten sick. I've also never suffered from sexual dysfunction that might make sex painful for me. 

Vaginismus and dyspareunia are just a few of the conditions that can transform a woman's vagina from a pleasure palace into a torture chamber. It took doctors forever to start treating these sorts of problems for women seriously. 

Why? Because for years our society has stigmatized female pleasure during sex. While doctors wouldn't outright say "it's normal for your vagina to hurt during sex and for you to never have orgasms because you're a lady, and ladies shouldn't enjoy sex or masturbation," that was pretty much the school of thought.

Thankfully, those days are STARTING to pass, and that means more research is being done to treat women who might experience intense pain during sex.

One thing to come from this type of research is the "vaginal pressure inducer." It looks like this:

Interesting story here ...

The vaginal pressure inducer was designed by doctors who were trying mimic an experience during sex that would make a woman feel pain. 

However, it kind of backfired in the most delicious way imaginable: The device was actually giving women orgasms.

That's right, medical science has produced a sex toy to end all sex toys.

Admittedly, "vaginal pressure inducer" isn't a very sexy name for a sex toy, but if it does the job, who am I to complain?

This "sex toy" is actually a remote control water balloon. The balloon is inserted into the vagina and then filled with water using the remote control. 

The team responsible for designing the accidental sex toy produced it so that they could study discomfort and pain during sex, something three in five women (THAT IS SO MANY WOMEN) feel. It's a condition known as dyspareunia, and it is most commonly diagnosed in women going through menopause whose estrogen levels are dipping, though it can affect any woman. 

During experimentation with this sex toy, 75% of women who watched porn while the balloon inflated inside of them said it produced a "stimulating" effect instead of one that caused discomfort. 

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Scientists are still trying to figure out what it was about the sex toy that made women have such enjoyable experiences

However, they aren't letting that stop them from moving forward and sharing this orgasm-giving delight with the world. 

There are plans to start marketing and selling the device internationally as early as August of 2018. 

Hopefully knowing when exactly the toy is going to be released will prevent you from doing what I did...

Which was asking my boyfriend to help me get a water balloon up inside my vagina. 

Suffice to say, it did not go well.

That said, if you're looking for a fun way to trick your dude into thinking you've squirted, I've got a hot new suggestion for you, provided you can find some place to hide the remnants of the water balloon.