8 Men Reveal The Type Of Underwear Women Wear That Turns Them On The MOST

What skivvies does he like most?

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Panties aren't just necessary undergarments... or are they? When it comes to what men think about your underwear, some guys will argue they're not required. In any case, while men love every inch of the female body, they love what we wear on our bodies just as much. In this case, our panties.

We spoke to a bunch of guys who shared what panties men like most and why it makes them so excited.

1. Bikini-style


"My favorites are a lacy, see-through, sort of bikini style. I guess they're standard issue for you ladies. They don't have to be see-through either, but I like the way the shape of them accents female hips. I'm not into thongs; that just looks uncomfortable. I'm more of a breast man than a butt man anyway. "


So ladies, if you're more top-heavy than bottom, don't sweat it.

2. Boy shorts

"Me? I love boy shorts or thongs. They all look good."

Hey, a man with flexibility in his preferences will be easy to please in bed.

3. Athletic wear


"I love all underwear, but I love boy shorts best. Any color. I had an ex who had lime green boy shorts and a matching bra and I got hard looking at them every time. Not so big a fan of lacy; I like it to look a little more athletic."

So if you're not much with frills, he may just adore you a little more.

4. Thongs


"I love thongs, as most guys do. But not all thongs. I like thongs that are designed to be sexy. Thongs are so ubiquitous these days that some are no longer really sexy on their own accord. I have one friend in particular who, as a point of pride, will only wear thongs. But they are ugly, cotton functional thongs and she really only does it because she wants to tell other people that she wears thongs. It makes it kind of unsexy. But really, it's all about attitude. Anything a woman wears with confidence turns me on."

5. Booty shorts

"I adore small booty shorts or boy shorts on an athletic body. This is probably my current favorite, especially when they are really short and expose part of the butt."


If you're more muscles of steel than curves of softness, pop on a pair of boy shorts to appear extra sexy.

6. Anything where her butt hangs out

"I just love boy shorts and how the butt sticks out from the bottom!"

When it comes to what panties men like most, I guess we're seeing a pattern here.

7. Black g-strings


"I love tiny, black g-string panties because they are easiest to remove... with my teeth!"

8. Commando


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"When a woman I'm attracted to goes without panties, the idea is very sexy and seems to say that you'd rather not be wearing any clothes at all. Although, I love all panties, especially thongs, which says you're sexy but with a little edge and you know it."

Or in other words, sometimes a man needs a bad girl, more than a good girl.


Curious about what women think of men's preferences? Watch the video below: