5 Reasons You SHOULD Have Sex With Your Husband All The Time (And Be His Sex Slave)

You and your husband can thank us later.

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Five years into your marriage is when you'll begin to understand how forgetting to have sex with your husband can happen. Unless you're one of those lucky rabbits (pun intended), sex is the three letter word for "exercise." Things like foreplay and keeping your eyes open have become workouts. Sleep beats sex as number one on your "have to do" list and it's driving a wedge in your relationship.


But should you have sex with your husband all the time? While you’ve heard of BDSM (Bondage, Domination, Submission, and Masochism) from your Fifty Shades of Grey copy, you may not have considered the possibilities of including kink in your bedroom.

Before you think, "I don’t know. I’m too much of the dominant one. It won’t work," consider this: he can be your sex slave.

Don't get stuck behind because you and your hubby are missing out. Again I ask the question: should you have sex with your husband all the time? Well, here are a few reasons why you and your husband should break free and benefit from primal behavior between the sheets. 


1. It leads to more intense intimacy.

Doing things kink-like in the bedroom can increase the level of intimacy a couple shares. The job here is to figure out what your partner really wants. With direction, openness, and trust, the intimacy between you two will grow as much as your libido.

Also, in the wake of having a "play" session, it’s normal to feel a heightened sense of closeness to your partner. During this "aftercare" time, your lover encourages you to feel safe and appreciated through personalized gestures like a foot massage or maybe a special meal.


2. It boosts communication.

In kink, communication is the number one rule. Think about it: you're allowing another person to have complete control over your actions and thoughts. Thus, there should be talk of safe words and limits.

Communication needs to be open and free at all times. Talking things out before investing in the experience saves feelings and eases anxiety. Better yet, eventually, you start to learn how to listen to your partner and understand where their sexual desires come from.


3. It strengthens trust and loyalty.

Once you are able to communicate, trust is natural and normal in your relationship. It's a huge sign of trust to submit to your lover and you need loyalty to feel secure and protected.

When you open up to your partner and allow them to have control, they are responsible for your psychological and physical state. It's a significant step for couples to take. It can also eliminate possibilities of infidelity.


4. There are even therapeutic benefits.

What? Can BDSM be therapy? Yes, it can be! Studies show the people indulging in BDSM scored better on mental health indicators than others (vanillas). They also suggest that kink practices can be as beneficial to your body as doing yoga or experiencing "runner's high." Researchers suggest it resembles meditation. All very useful when building strong and healthy relationships.


5. It reduces stress.

We know this one, right? Sex reduces stress. Did you know that BDSM does too? The biggest part of being submissive to your husband is being able to allow him to take control without judgment or expectations. You don't expect anything but for him to be in control.

This no expectation trait reduces the level of anxiety and allows you to let go and let be. You learn how to live in the now and focus on the present.


It’s tough to go through a rough patch in your sex life but there’s light at the end of the tunnel. Trying new things in the bedroom and keeping an open mind to kink play can sort things out better than you may have thought.


Interested in trying BDSM for the first time? Watch the video below for a man's guide to first-time kinky sex:


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