The Absolute Worst Thing Anyone Could Say To Your Zodiac Sign

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the worst thing you can say to the zodiac signs


Everybody has their trigger words. And it’s no different for each of the zodiac signs. Whether they want to be wanted, loved, or needed, it can be easy to tell when you’ve hurt a zodiac sign. They either shut down, get mad, or cry their eyes out for hours on end.

Have you ever said something to a friend that you immediately regret? We all have. It’s probably because you know exactly what her buttons are and you pushed them. You know what her weaknesses are and how to take away what she values most.

Sometimes you don’t mean to do it, and other times you know exactly what you were doing. If that's the case, you sir, have a heartless soul.

You've just said the WORST possible thing you could say to her and you might want to take a couple steps back now and reevaluate.

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Or you might need to be prepared to be iced out for at least a week or just have a crying session every night until she forgives you.

And honestly, if you intentionally said something mean to your friend, you probably targeted her deepest insecurities or her biggest weakness - so you deserve the wrath you are about to get.

You can't just do that, man! Come on, have some decency, would you?

But maybe, just maybe you could learn a little by diving deep into the traits and characteristics of each zodiac sign. That way, you can be a little bit more sensitive when talking to or arguing with a friend; and oyu won't always go for the low blow.

Thanks to astrology, you can know what the worst thing you could say to each sign is. Now all YOU have to worry about is making sure you DON'T say it to her.

Luckily, horoscopes are pretty revealing, so there isn't too much guesswork about the worst thing you can say to the signs because they all have their "thing," as it were. Just be careful out there, friend. And watch your mouth!

Aries (March 21 - April 19)

There are a lot of things you could say to Aries to make her mad or self conscious. She is naturally a fiery sign and has a bit of a temper, so even if it doesn't necessarily hurt her feelings, she'll still have something to say about it.

She really cares about being the first and the best. So if you point out her flaws or take notice that she didn’t rank with her competition, she will give you the evil eyes for sure!

Aries is also known for always being on the go and ALWAYS getting things done. Telling her she's not all that, or that she's off her mojo, will hit a nerve. She doesn’t like to be last and definitely doesn’t like being told she's not doing enough. Hearing that ignites a fire in her and she'll work her butt off to fix it.

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Taurus (April 20 - May 20)

Taurus loves better and harder than any other sign. She is reliable and overprotective, and she makes sure that her friends feel like queens all the time. But she has many insecurities when it comes to how she is treated in return.

The worst thing you could say to her is that you are too tired to hang out tonight, already hung out with someone else today, or some other lame excuse like these. She puts a lot of love and care into her relationships and expects the same in return.

And it doesn’t help that she freaks out because of sudden changes, especially if you've been planning something together for a while now. It’s like you are saying you don’t love her or aren't interested in making an effort.

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Gemini (May 21 - June 20)

The worst thing to say to a Gemini is that she is wishy-washy. She already knows she can be and it’s one of her biggest weaknesses.

A Gemini has two sides to her. She is fun and sociable for one, but can turn serious pretty easily. While she is good at dealing with all kinds of situations, she also struggles with flip flopping from one thing to another.

And while some might see this as a weakness, she struggles with bettering herself every day. Honestly, if you can’t handle her indecisiveness, then you can’t handle her. And you can just leave. Byeeeee!

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Cancer (June 21 - July 22)

Cancer is deeply emotional and sensitive. She gets attached to the people around her very easily and loves to helped loves ones. She’s all about “her people,” so it’s no wonder she would get a little upset when you say you don’t need her.

She is so invested in her friends and holds on tight to all of them. So when someone says that they don't need Cancer’s deep connection, it’s an emotional couple of weeks for her to cope.

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Leo (July 23 - August 22)

Leo take pride in her great leadership skills and overall success in life. It’s not hard for her to be the best, but when someone doesn’t acknowledge her achievements, she goes a little crazy.

Honestly, she really is that good at life and when that is ignored, she can get mad. She expects that she will be admired and get recognition all the time, but sometimes it just doesn’t happen.

This is a blow to her ego, sure, but makes her sad, too. She may be arrogant at times, but really she just wants that pat on the back she deserves. Don’t we all?!

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Virgo (August 23 - September 22)

Virgo doesn’t need to be center stage or be the topic of every conversation, but she does want people to pay attention to her as much as she does to other people.

She pays attention to the smallest details 24/7, so when a friend asks for the 11th time what her middle name is (seriously, she doesn't know it already?!), she starts to fume.

She is naturally critical of herself, so when a friend lets her down by not paying much attention to her, she gets even more judgmental of herself.

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Libra (September 23 - October 22)

Libra is most known for her ability to keep the peace and being fair in all situations. This is a hard and stressful job for her, but she does it to appease her friends. She will always be the friend to see both sides of the story.

But after a while, people may get annoyed by her indecisiveness. And they might even blurt out “take a side already!”

When she hears this plea from her friends, she shuts down and walks away. Instead of feeling like she is wanted, she feels like she is wasting everyone's time. And she doesn’t play that way.

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Scorpio (October 23 - November 21)

Scorpio knows how to love and expresses this emotion well. She’s definitely not afraid to walk up to a friend and tell them she loves them with a big ol’ hug to accompany it.

She gets deep real quick, but when other people take time to talk about emotions, she loses interest. The worst thing you could say to a Scorpio is nothing at all - meaning not bothering to open up to her after she opens up to you.

If you are holding out on a Scorpio, you better knock it off because she finds sharing feelings is an important part of a friendship. It’s all about trust for her, and that often comes with sharing feelings and maybe even upping the ante with an outpouring of emotions.

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Sagittarius (November 22 - December 21)

A Sag may come off as confident and not wanting to be weighed down by others, but she can’t deny that she wants to be wanted. She is an energetic and funny friend, and she wants to feel like she has a purpose in the friend group.

If someone says she isn’t funny, even in a joking sense, she WILL get offended. She wants to be the friend who doesn’t care what others and is ALWAYS entertaining her friends, but she puts a lot of effort into her nonchalant attitude.

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Capricorn (December 22 - January 19)

Capricorn likes to feel like she is needed by the people who she loves deeply. She has been a responsible sign from the womb and if a sibling or friend says, “I don’t need your help,” she feels like she has no purpose.

She takes pride in her seriousness and discipline, and if she isn’t physically helping a friend, she’s being a model for mature behavior. Take that away from her and she has nothing left to give.

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Aquarius (January 20 - February 18)

It’s hard not to love an Aquarius, but when it happens, it's a big blow to her ego. And it’s not just the words that hurt her, it’s the meaning behind “I don’t love you.”

When she hears those four words, she knows that there are broken promises coming right after. No one would leave an Aquarius behind unless they knew they did something bad to break her trust. She is smart enough to know that the dynamic has changed; nothing gets past her.

The worst thing you could say to her is the truth. Not because it’s the truth, but because it hurts so bad. That's not to say you should always lie to her, but if the truth is hurtful, it's best to be cautious about how you bring it up.

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Pisces (February 19 - March 20)

Pisces puts a lot of time into her relationships. Her aim in every friendship is to achieve the best emotional relationships, and when a friend denies that goal, she is devastated.

She is the KINDEST sign and puts a lot of trust in her friends to be equally as kind. The reality is that no one is as nice as her and she’s left crying her eyes out with no one to console her.

So the worst thing you could say to a Pisces is unkind things, period. Come on, really?! She doesn’t deserve that!

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