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4 Zodiac Signs Most Likely To Lie To Your FACE

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zodiac signs that lie the most

Eek, that’s a harsh idea, isn’t it? The idea that there might be someone in your life who is just a little more capable of lying to your face than another. Ow, that hurts! And yet, it’s something that is absolutely doable for some.

Lying can be done in a variety of ways: Outright and outrageous and through sins of omission. When someone is caught red-handed and they blatantly tell you that you’re crazy for thinking their hand is red, that’s just a cruel liar at work.

They like to project your own paranoia back at you by telling you that you’re wrong for thinking such a thing. There are liars out there who will never come clean, and then there are liars who defend their lie, no matter how it plays out.

To be a liar, you have to keep notes. Lying is a very tiring business, and you have to watch your back at every moment. Unfortunately, there are many people who enjoy this kind of personal espionage, and those are the people to run from if your “spidey-sense” tells you something is suspicious.

But there are other forms of cruelty, and through sins of omission, which basically means vital information that was never offered up, you can see how powerfully damaging a lie can be.

Here are the zodiac signs that lie the most.

1. AQUARIUS (January 20 - February 18)

Oh! Sorry. Yes, you thought you could trust that Aquarius friend of yours, but they really are the one who will go behind your back and zap you where it hurts. If there’s anyone who’s going to steal your lover and lie to you throughout the entire process, it’s your shady friend, the Aquarian.

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2. CANCER (June 21 - July 22)

Under the guise of “I’d never lie to you!” comes your trusty bud, Cancer, who not only will never lie to you, they’ll lie to you more than once. And then, they’ll lie again to protect and fortify their first lie. Perhaps they do it to pretend to themselves that they’re right, or strong, or whatever, but your Cancer friend is the one you’d never suspect of lying, while they are more than capable of pulling the rug out from under you just as you least expect it.

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3. VIRGO (August 23 - September 22)

This is the one who will look you right in the eye as they are lying. They have no shame when it comes to lying to your face, and if push comes to shove, they’ll deny it even with the cold, hard facts staring them in THEIR face. You’ll never win with a Virgo liar because even when they’re proven to be a liar, they’ll simply shrug and act like their lie wasn’t really “all that bad,” which makes them one of the zodiac signs that lie the most.

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4. SCORPIO (October 23 - November 21)

Ah, what they don’t tell you is exactly what you should know, and that, my friend, is what you call a sin of omission. Scorpios like to "accidentally" forget to tell you some outrageous fact that you may have needed to know in order to proceed with whatever it is you needed to do. In the end, they’ll claim they never lied, they just "oopsied" and that it’s not them — it’s YOU who misunderstood.

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