25 Heartbreak Memes To Cheer Up The Heartbroken

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heartbreak meme

Love and heartbreak are an inevitable part of life.

But, as with anything, humor can help you get through even the toughest breakups — and these hilarious heartbreak memes will make you laugh even when you're feeling your worst.

Some of these memes are just downright funny and others will make you stop and go "yep, that's real."

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Either way, these heartbreak memes will help you see that you're not alone in what you're feeling and help you get over your breakup.

1. "Looking at old photos of you and your ex like..."

I mean, call a spade a spade. Right?

2. "When you've gathered all the facts and now you're ready to argue."

If you've ever dealt with a lying and cheating guy you know this becomes your life. Pure paranoia at every waking moment. But, in the end, you can add PI to your resume.

3. "When it's been 3 hours 42 minutes and 8 seconds since he left your message on read and you're trying to contain your psycho behavior."

When you send a long text telling him all the reasons why you're done and you think he might be ignoring you.

4. "When your ex tries to hit you up..."

One man's trash is another man's treasure. Yes. Sorry, it took you so long to realize it though.

5. "So you just gone walk out of my life?" "Me:"

When you're finally done digging through his phone, looking for every reason to hang on, and he doesn't seem to believe you. 

6. "No boyfriend November. Don't date December. Just me January. Forever alone February. No man March. All by myself April. I got this."

The list goes on.

7. "Keeping your friend from texting back her toxic ex."

The most important job.

8. "When you get your heart broken but it's OK because the streets been waiting for you to be single again."

Welcome back.

9. "When you see your ex in public but you're all alone."

Act natural...

10. "Hopefully we can still be friends... Nah."


11. "TFW your exes become more interesting and well-rounded people post-breakup."

It ain't right.

12. "All these glasses and I still can't see us together."

Never again.

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13. "Being friends with someone I am in love with but pretending everything is fine."

Why does this happen!?

14. "*Gets ghosted* Me: Thank you for the 15-day free trial."

Getting ghosted is the worst.

15. "Not sure if empty feeling is heartbroken or if just hungry."

Could go either way.

16. "Me to me when I start trying to trick myself into believing that a man might not be trash." 

You put your glasses back on and face the facts!

17. "Me cleaning up my mess after I tried giving all my love and affection to the wrong person."

Better luck next time.

18. "When you've been through a lot and built many layers to protect your heart."

You're like an onion!

19. "The perfect relationship status update."

On point.

20. "Post-breakup thoughts."

In reality, this will be the only thing I'm thinking about.

21. "When your therapist says it's time to let people in." 

Enter at your own risk.

22. "Now this is a breakup text."

Leave the toxicity behind.

23. "What are friends for?"

Just let it out.

24. "Shout out to everyone who has had to get over someone they never technically dated."

It still hurts.

25. "What stage of the breakup are you in?"

Men and women go through breakups differently.

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