23 Best Heartbreak Quotes That'll Get You Right In The Gut

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Everyone remembers their first real heartbreak and breakup. There's no other pain like it. It's so bad that it leaves you at a loss for words. After you get through it, you will never be the same.

But when you're trying to learn how to get over heartbreak and pick up the pieces, it may help to read broken heart quotes and hear someone else's words of encouragement to know that you're not alone. We asked people to tell us exactly what heartbreak feels like, and they summed up pretty well with these heartbreak quotes.

1. Anyone seen a heart?

"It feels like you lost something and you know you can't find it."

2. There's no escaping the memories.

"In everything you do, everything you say, and everywhere you go, they are there. You can't escape the memories of all the things you once had. To have your heart broken is to be haunted."

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3. Your heart literally hurts.

"It doesn't just mentally hurt, it physically hurts, like someone's stabbing your chest."

4. The pain is a constant reminder.

"It feels like if a piece of your heart was ripped from your chest and like if something was constantly stabbing your heart. Tears won't stop dripping from your eyes and it's just so painful..."

5. Nothing seems to matter anymore.

"Everything is tasteless, colors become gray, emotions disappear, and life is just a routine."

6. You try and figure out how you could have saved the relationship.

"You obsess over it. The 'what ifs.' The 'forget it, whatever I'm over it.' The 'I'm fine.' Then, inevitably cycle back around until any of those is true."

7. It's forever haunting.

"It never goes away. It's a 3 AM silent scream."

8. It's like you'll never love again.

"Like nothing will ever be as good as it was. Nothing is worth all your effort like they were. No one will ever make you feel like they did."

9. It's overwhelming pain.

"Like you've lost something that you can never get back, but it's a loss that's so big you can't even start to comprehend it, you can't fight it, and just drown in it."

10. You lose your drug.

"Similar to drug withdrawals. P.S.: all the alcohol and w***** in the world won't help."

11. It's hard to even begin to measure.

"Hold your breath for as long as you can and don't eat for three days straight and you're halfway there. Only thing missing would be the black empty pit that hollows your chest every time you think of her."

12. Broken promises...

"It hurts the most when they promise you the world, but all you ever wanted was to be part of theirs. The realization that they'll belong to someone else kills you inside."

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13. It's a sudden, painful shock.

"Like someone threw battery acid in your face."

14. You're sick to your stomach.

"Like you're going to vomit. And that nothing will ever be better (but it will)."

15. You legit go through grief.

"Horrible, like somebody you loved actually died except you're also really mad at them. It gets better though, just takes time."

16. You find hidden strength.

"Like you've lost a part of yourself that you'll never get back... but you've also found part of yourself that you never knew."

17. You begin to question your worth.

"Like you're worthless. Like you mean absolutely nothing to the person who means the world to you."

18. It's the end of the world as you know it.

"It feels like the world has stopped, or should stop. You lose motivation, you get confused, you just want the pain to stop any way possible."

19. It's difficult to physically process.

"Your heart will actually hurt. My whole body felt numb and I couldn't stop shaking."


20. It's an invisible injury.

"It's like a broken rib: nobody can see it, but it hurts every time you breathe."

21. Feels like losing everything.

"Try putting everything you have — your emotions, your life, EVERYTHING — the have it taken away from you. Come back and tell me how you feel."

22. Where do you go from here?

"You know that feeling after you binge-watch a series on Netflix and then you don't know what to do with your life once you finish it? It's like that times 1,000."

23. You are forever changed.

"It's like not being able to see the color blue anymore. You can still carry on and live your life, but the world will never look as beautiful as it did before."

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