The 4 Main Reasons Why He's Pulling Away From You

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The 4 MAIN Reasons Why He's Pulling Away From You

Every single girl I know has had the following scenario happen: she’s dating a guy, he’s wooing her, she’s getting closer to him, then all of a sudden, BAM! He starts to get emotionally distant. He stops talking to her so frequently and he starts to withdraw from her.

The girl often ends up wondering what she did wrong and whether she should chase after him. She always wants to know why men pull away, and why this is happening to her.

Most of the time when a guy pulls away, it’s not the girl’s fault. In fact, it’s usually something that’s going on with the guy.

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If this is happening to you and you're wondering why men pull away in relationships, don’t freak out. Pulling away is totally normal and, to a point, even natural for guys to do when they’re getting serious with a girl.

Here are some of the most common reasons why men pull away when they start to fall in love with a girl, in order of how common they are.

1. He’s scared of being vulnerable and falling in love.

When guys find themselves catching feelings, they often fight it. Why? Because it’s terrifying to fall in love. When a man falls in love, he has to open himself up and be vulnerable.

Unlike women, many men are socialized to avoid that at all costs. When guys pull away for this reason, they need time to work out their feelings and figure out if they are ready to pursue you.

2. You’re being needy and he’s starting to feel suffocated.

One of the things that many of us are guilty of doing is getting too needy and requiring constant communication with our love interests. If this sounds like you and you’re noticing him pulling away, it could be that he feels crowded.

Everyone needs “me time,” even the most loving man. If he feels like he’s suffocated, he’ll run — and rightfully so.

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3. He’s stressed out about something.

Guys do not fare well with stress, and this is partially due to the way that people just expect men to be stoic and “deal with it.” Many end up either shutting down or exploding when they get too stressed out.

That being said, most men will distance themselves from everyone when they get overwhelmed with stress rather than explode in rage and anxiety in front of women.

4. He's rethinking the relationship.

If this happens, you’ll probably notice it’s a different kind of distancing. You’ll notice it’ll be colder and that he’ll probably be more interested in other women, going out alone, or just doing his own thing. Either way, guys do pull away for this reason.  

Both men and women have a tendency to “yo-yo” when they fall in love, and it’s way more obvious in men than women. When you’re first seeing someone, there’s a lot to get worried about, think about, and also work around. Don’t freak out. It’s a natural part of falling in love and it’s totally normal.

Most of the time, men will come back after they pull away for a while. If they don’t, well, it’s unfortunate but it does happen. It can’t be helped. Chasing after him is not wise, no matter the reason for him pulling away.

You can’t really force someone to stay with you, nor is it ever a wise idea to try to prevent someone from pulling away. Trying to pull him back in and refusing to give him space is a surefire way to make him run faster. You can’t change his mind. All you can do is give him the space he needs to see that you’re worth it. If he doesn’t, it’s on him. 

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