8 Men Reveal The Subtle Thing Women Do That Turns Them On Like CRAZY

They can't resist this.

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There's a lot you can do to turn a guy on other than sending naughty texts (though those are always winners).

"A smile. A wink. A flirt. A compliment. The littlest of things are what turns guys on the most and have far more impact than larger things," one man said. Of course, he shares that he also doesn't mind naughty texts or photos. We don't either.

Anticipation and build up is a big part of the game, and every guy we talked to touched on an element of that, whether it's a gaze (or a graze!), a touch or a nibble, or words and glances of things to come.

"When we’ve been out with friends or even at weddings, she puts her hand lightly on my upper thigh. Sometimes it seems unconscious as she’s talking with friends and really isn’t paying attention to me, but it’s really nice. There’s nothing really that sexual about it, but I find it to be a turn on. I wonder if part of it is her marking her territory, which I also find to be a turn on. Either way, her light touch on my upper thigh is a big turn on."


Men love when we're adventurous and when we make the first move. But when it comes to what men think, they also love when we're not afraid of trying new things, in and out of the bedroom. Confidence and sexuality, and confidence in sexuality. It goes a long way.

Here's what turns guys on the most. Take notes, ladies.

1. Giving him subtle kisses



"It's subtle, but when my wife gives me a hug, she'll also sometimes kiss on my neck or on my earlobe and it drives me insane." 

2. Touching him

"Touching non-erotic but private spots, rubbing (massage style, not like a cat) my back spontaneously when next to me, particularly in public, anything topless, partially naked around the house, and wearing my button down shirts."

3. Being adventurous



"It really turns me on when a woman has the courage to suggest new ideas in and out of bed. I truly value confidence and the strength to innovate and I think women are better at it than men. "

4. Initiating sex

"When she's spontaneously aggressive during sex. Hair pulling, pinning you against the wall or the bed. Making out or more in random situations where it's least expected. I also like it because I don't have to do as much work."

5. Being confident



"Being confident and pursuing what you desire is a SUPER turn-on, and not just knowing what you want to eat when I ask."

6. Building anticipation

"I really enjoy the build up and teasing. Don't just immediately get naked, show me a little skin and create the arousal. Be playful with a brush against my ass, chest or crotch. I like a woman who touches herself with a brush against her breast or stroke up her thigh. Be a tease and exhibitionist."


7. Accidental touching

"Accidental on purpose boob graze, take our arm when walking, unbutton our cuffs and roll up our sleeves, butt stuff for her and or me..."

8. Making eye contact

"I'm not sure this qualifies as particularly subtle but staring really does something. Whether it's across a bar, across a room or across a couch, being a person's single focal point is a thrill. Your second thought is always that the person is looking at something behind you or lost in thought, so re-establishing the stare is incredibly powerful. If you want to move into more overt territory, a wink or lip-lick turns the thermostat up to infinity but a more casual yet intense eye-contact is an incredible turn-on."

Check out the video below for tips and tricks on seducing a man:


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