13 Guys Reveal The One Thing That Makes Them Immediately Lose Interest In A Girl

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What Turns Guys Off: Men Reveal What Makes Them Lose Interest In A Woman

Guys can be pretty picky about the girls they date. It’s also not easy to figure out what guys’ standards are really like, which makes dating all the more difficult. In fact, trying to figure out what makes a girl attractive or unattractive to a guy often feels like a huge mystery that simply can’t be solved.

Believe it or not, most men will openly admit what makes them lose interest in a girl. Don’t believe it? I asked a bunch of men and they had plenty to tell me. Here’s what turns guys off and what about those qualities makes them immediately lose interest.

What turns guys off:

1. She's selfish.

“If all she cares about is herself, I’ll be immediately turned off to her. A relationship is a team effort; girls like that don’t see it that way, and that means they can’t be decent girlfriends.” — Dante, 30

2. She has a different political view.

“I know this sounds bad, but if she doesn’t vote for the same party I do, it’s no dice. I can’t be with someone who can’t share my beliefs that way.” — Troy, 27

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3. She plays hard to get.

“I legit just can’t date a girl who does the whole ‘hard to get’ thing. I just can’t. It’s so self-centered and pretentious. Besides, I’m not going to pursue a girl who doesn’t seem to have any interest in me.” — Vijay, 29

4. She's a brat.

“If I notice that she acts bratty, trashy, or otherwise similar to a morning talk show guest, I’m out.” — Raoul, 29

5. She acts desperate.

“Desperation. Straight up, nothing good comes from a desperate woman.” — Paul, 24

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6. She's too reliant on her family.

“Too conservative, too selfish, too unwilling to compromise, or too attached to her family to be willing to date outside what they want her to date. I want a woman with her own mind, thanks.” — Steve, 35

7. She's angry.

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“Rage. Anger terrifies me, especially from a girl.” — Cordell, 26

8. She's too religious.

“I just lose interest if I hear they’re church girls. No, I’m not religious and hell no, I do not want to deal with saving myself for marriage.” — Jose, 39

9. She's addicted to social media.

“I’ll lose interest in a girl fairly quickly if she’s more interested in her cell phone than she is in me.” — Keith, 23

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10. She tries to rush into things.

“What turns guys off? Well, my biggest turnoff is when a girl goes super-fast. Like, I get it, you want a man and you want a wedding ring, but for f*ck’s sake, just give me time to get to know you.” — Louie, 28

11. She has impossible standards.

“Stupidly high standards is a good sign that I’ll run.” — Bruno, 28

12. She has no ambition.

“I need a driven girl. I don’t want someone who will literally just sit at home and do nothing all day. If I notice that she lost her job, doesn’t put any effort into her looks, and really has nothing going for her, that’s an immediate turn-off.” — Luke, 27

13. She wants to be treated like a princess.

“A lot of girls seem to think that they deserve to be treated like princesses just for existing. If I see that kind of attitude, I’m out. I’m a man looking for a partner, not a servant looking for a princess.” — Sam, 28

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