18 Best Tweets And Funny Memes On The Upcoming James Comey-Donald Trump Showdown

Photo: MPR News/Twitter/New Yorker
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Will it live up to the Twitter hype?

Two men enter. One man leaves.

That’s what Washington D.C. (and the entire social media world) is expecting when former FBI Director James Comey testifies in front of Congress this week.

Because people aren’t just seeing this as a career lawman answering questions to a legislative committee.

People are hyping this up as pure political Thunderdome — a gladiatorial war of words between James Comey and President Donald Trump.


James Comey has been called to testify by the Senate Intelligence Committee where he is expected to speak candidly about his conversations with Trump, the investigations surrounding members of Trump’s White House, and Trump’s relationship with disgraced former advisor Michael Flynn.

Trump fired Comey earlier this year — for his handling of the investigation of alleged Russian ties to Trump’s presidential campaign — so many armchair observers are hoping that Comey takes this opportunity to call out Trump in front of the Senate.

And if that wasn’t dramatic enough for you … Trump has already announced that he may LIVE-TWEET during Comey’s testimony, which is probably something you never expected a sitting President would do during your lifetime, is it?


While there are already signs that Comey’s testimony may not be as “explosive” as some of us would like — there have been reports that Comey will not, as rumored, accuse Trump of obstruction of justice — people are still losing their damn minds in anticipation over what Comey will say in front of the Senate (and what Trump will tweet back at him).

Honestly, the event is being treated more like the season finale of The Sopranos or Lost than a political investigation. Liberals and conservatives are screaming at each other over “What If” scenarios and the creators of funny tweets and memes are in OVERDRIVE.

Seriously. Take one look at Twitter and it’s hard to miss the comedy gold that’s being mined out of the potential for a Covey v Trump: Dawn of Justice battle on Thursday.

If you want to get yourself a little hyped up for the testimony of the year, here are 18 of our FAVORITE best tweets and funny memes about the upcoming James Comey/Donald Trump congressional testimony showdown.

1. Oh my...

2. Can anyone stop Comey?!

3. These guys GET how we're going to be watching the testimony

4. Sounds plausible.

5. It's the social event of the year.

6. OUCH. Mixed drink BURN.

7. Trump continues to break new ground.

8. Woodward and Bernstein were amateurs.

9. I mean, you know it's going to be GOOOOOD.

10. More 2-dimensional than usual.

11. Infrastructure is BORING.

12. And now we're sad.

13. Twitter's gonna BLOW UP.

14. Remember, Trump is rubber and Comey is glue.


16. Seriously. Trump doesn't have ANYTHING else he should be doing?

17. It feels like "Shark Week," right?

18. We live in a crazy world, people.