Young Girl Cries After Being Gifted Ramen Noodles For Her Birthday, But People Defend Her

It’s clear this little girl’s family knows her better than anyone.

Little girl smiling at her birthday party. Valsanfox / CanvaPro

“Stop, this is so funny.” 

Hilarious — that’s what a little girl’s family exclaimed over the video of her opening presents for her birthday. They wanted her to feel special, seen, and celebrated — of course, their birthday gifts did just that. But when she started to open them, they couldn’t help but laugh. 

As she opened the gift, her eyes welled up with tears, and everyone around her pulled out their phones to capture her reaction. However, viewers were equally confused and captivated when she pulled out a pink bag of ramen noodles. 


A little girl couldn’t help but cry after being gifted ramen noodles for her birthday. Her family laughed, but commenters passionately defended her. 

“I can not take this girl seriously,” her family member wrote over the TikTok video. As others asked her what was in the gift bag, she simply put her head in her hands and started to cry. 



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When she pulled out the ramen noodles that had become a viral sensation on TikTok, she continued to cry. Next to her, a pink Hello Kitty ramen bowl with chopsticks was the perfect accompanying present.

As she opened the gift bag, tears streamed down her face.

“I get her,” one woman wrote in the comments. “To be seen and heard is a gift.”

It has nothing to do with the price of the gift but the sentimental nature of receiving it from your family. They listened to you; they knew what you liked and what you wanted, no matter how small or insignificant it may seem. 

Young Girl Cries After Being Gifted Ramen Noodles For Her BirthdayPhoto: EllenMoran / CanvaPro


“That isn’t funny, it’s adorable. She’s happy because that’s exactly what she wanted, not because it’s something luxurious or expensive. That’s the spice of life.” 

So many of us take for granted this kind of gratitude in our daily lives — when our partners leave the outside light on, when our parents make us our favorite meal, or when our old friends send “check-in” texts. It’s the small things that build our bonds and connect us as humans. 

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She’s not the only little kid to gain popularity for gratitude on TikTok, especially amid discourse surrounding the behavior and lack of empathy in younger generations. 

Whether you’re a babysitter, a teacher, or an older sibling, you’ve likely noticed the shift in behavioral issues in younger generations. Toddlers who were once annoying and loud have transformed into disrespectful and abusive — whether it be from the pandemic, screen time, new parenting styles, or social media … it’s become an epidemic.




Everyone knows the “It’s an avocado!” kid from Vine, but it turns out there are thousands of videos on par with him circulating on TikTok. They’re hilarious — of course — but they’re also a testament to parenting styles. Gratitude starts at home.

Teachers and other childcare professionals have been the first to argue that behavioral issues have increased in recent years, especially following the pandemic. Over 70% of teachers admit that misbehavior, disrespect, and a lack of empathy have increased in their classrooms over the past four years — a rise from much lower percentages in 2021. 


So, yes — it seems shocking, silly, and even outrageous for a little kid to cry over ramen or run around the house because of an avocado. But, more than anything, it’s admirable. These little kids have been taught to be grateful in a consumerist and greedy world; they appreciate heartfelt gifts, no matter how much they cost. 

It’s a testament to this young girl’s heart and her family’s love for her. 

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