These 3 Zodiac Signs Are Absolutely Incredible In Bed

You're gonna need a cigarette after this one.

The 3 Zodiac Signs That Are The Best EVER At Sex Pexels

Have you ever slept with someone who made you totally rethink sex? One day, you were with one person who you thought was the best you’ve ever had... until you met someone else and then you actually did have the best sex of your life.

There are few people out there who are mind-blowingly amazing at sex (yeah, that good).

There will always be people who are great in the sack, but for these few individuals, they operate on a whole other level.


It doesn’t matter if they are all about being unconventional in the bedroom or if they have a way of making even the most boring sex positions feel totally amazing... there are three zodiac signs that would win the gold medal every time... if sex was about winning, that is.

Personally, I tend to get bored with relationships after a while.

I’ve never been a huge fan of being with one person for too long because I’m always worried I won’t be as into them as I was when we first met.

The same can be said about sex. Unless you’ve found a total knockout in bed, it can make sense that you would get sick of them after a while (no offense).


However, when you’re getting dirty with one of these three zodiac signs, that boredom doesn’t happen as often or as quickly.

Instead, these astrological signs know how to rock your world with one night of steamy, passionate sex. Don’t believe me? Try it out, yourself!

1ARIES (Mar 21 - Apr 19)

aries The Zodiac Sign That's The Best In Bed

Aries is the type of person that you think about long after you’ve slept with her. Her ability to be intoxicating, mysterious, and mind-blowing all at once makes her an unforgettable partner.

Aries is also a master at one-night stands, making it impossible for you to know if you’ll ever sleep with (or see) her again.

More often than not, she ends up being “the one that got away.” She is best known for making the same-old positions feel exciting and sexy again.

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2SCORPIO (Oct 23 - Nov 21)

scorpio The Zodiac Sign That's The Best In Bed

Scorpio is so amazing in bed that many of her partners are often speechless after sex. She always puts her all into sex, frequently switching things up so you (and she) doesn’t get bored.

Scorpio loves introducing new things to the bedroom, including toys, games, and role playing.

It might be a surprise if this is the first time you’re sleeping with her, but if you have an ongoing relationship with her, I guarantee you won’t see — or do the same thing more than twice.

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3AQUARIUS (Jan 20 - Feb 18)

aquarius The Zodiac Sign That's The Best In Bed

Aquarius tries to make sex more than just the raw physicality of it. It’s not so much that she wants sex to be more meaningful, but she wants to expand her boundaries and make sex unforgettable.

This is what makes her one of the more progressive signs, mainly because she is always experimenting with something new.

What makes Aquarius one of the best signs in bed is her ability to get her partners to try something they’d never imagine they would be into.

Whether that means bondage, sensory play, or public sex, she has a way of making her partner feel comfortable, while still getting them to try something totally new and sometimes a little scary.

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