Find Out Who Is Your Zodiac Partner In Crime

zodiac partners in crime

A partner in crime is the person you always go to that will be down to get in some T-R-O-U-B-L-E.

They don’t judge your wacky ideas, and they'll naturally add in ways to make your plan a little better OR sneakier. Whether you're sneaking out to get your first tattoo or sneaking in to catch your man cheating, your partner in crime will always be there to support and do the DIRTY deed right alongside you.

But you can’t just choose anyone off the side of the road to be your trusty accomplice. No, you need someone who reads your mind and complements your sneaky side.

And a good way to find your sneaky sidekick is to look at what zodiac signs work best together as partners in crime.

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Your zodiac sign can tell you about characteristics of your personality. And if you believe in it, can determine how you work with others.

For example, a lot of partners in crime work well together because they have complementary personalities. One partner may know how to talk herself around a room and distract, while the other partner runs off to get the job done.

We all have our strengths and weaknesses, but to find the best gal for the job we have to find someone who is trusting, confident, and ready to be brave.

So stop your searching! Look no further! If you are in need of a strong woman who has the balls to get the job done, then keep scrolling to find out who your zodiac sign’s partner in crime is!

Aries & Aquarius

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Aries is action oriented aka she likes to get sh*t done! She is determined to complete tasks and likes to take leadership roles.

Although she kicks ass with the follow-through of tasks and NEVER backs down, she can be impulsive and ruin everything!

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However, with the help of Aquarius the two can do no wrong. Picture Sully and Mike, minus the monster aspect. This duo can be sneaky yet smart!

Aquarius is an intellectual. She thinks so deeply that Aries has to snap her out of it! Not only is she brainy, but she likes to fight for a cause. Her passion along with Aries determination is legen-wait for it-dary!

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Taurus & Scorpio

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Taurus is known to be the reliable friend of the group. She will be there even when you get arrested for swimming in the fountain. 

She is also patient. So if your mission requires a lot of hiding and being quiet she is DOWN! She just downloaded Candy Crush for the fifth time so she’s golden.

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While Taurus is keeping watch in the car, her partner in crime, Scorpio is after the loot! Candy loot that is! What?! She’s not an ACTUAL criminal! NEVER!

Scorpio is brave but can also stay calm and collected. These two are purrrrfect together! Taurus ALWAYS has Scorpio’s back while Scorpio takes one for the team and does the DIRTY work.

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Gemini & Leo

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Gemini is a smooooth talker. She is naturally curious and sociable so she distracts the bad guys while her partner and crime does the deed.

She is an actor too. She can switch from fun to serious in a second to ensure that the bad guy is VERY confused. On top of that, she is adaptable and can perform on cue based on her partner’s intel.

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While Gemini chats up the bad guy, Leo is devising a plan. She is extremely intelligent and creative so whatever she says goes!

She is also a natural-born leader and takes initiative in tough situations. When things gets scary she uses her mind and her confidence to get herself and Gemini out of the mess.

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Cancer & Pisces

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Cancer is persistent. She will never back down and when it looks like she won’t succeed, she keeps going!

She brings her loyalty to the partnership as well. She becomes deeply invested in the people around so her partner always knows that stay till their dying days. The way she creates a sense of loyalty with her partner in crime is through emotions and sensitivity. She believes that they have to connect with one another to have a successful relationship.

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Lucky for Cancer, her partner in crime is Pisces who can meet her emotions and double them. Pisces is known for her friendliness and the perfect companion for Cancer. These signs work the best together because they are similar.

But Pisces does have intuition and an artistic mind. She can think in a way that Cancer cannot and uses that to solve the toughest problems.

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Virgo & Capricorn

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Virgo is detail-oriented and can analyze any situation or person to devise the best plan. She is the brains of the operation and you can always trust her.

She will remain loyal throughout the mission and has the best work ethic when it comes to getting things done. So YOU KNOW, without a doubt, that she will put her best foot forward and give equally to the partnership.

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But beware, she can worry and get nervous about the task at hand. Don’t worry! Capricorn completes the partnership by remaining practical for the both of them. When Virgo starts worrying, Capricorn knows all the right things to say to calm her down.

Capricorn is known to be extremely calm. So when things get intense, which they will, she has the self-control and discipline to complete the task.

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Libra & Sagittarius

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Libra is peaceful and fair. She will give anyone the benefit of the doubt, especially her partner. She values keeping the peace so that things will go smoothly.

She is cooperative because she doesn’t want to be alone. She values her partner and doesn’t believe that small disagreements merit getting upset and splitting up.

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So who deserves such a forgiving partner in crime? Sagittarius does! Libra loves to be around her because she is optimistic and energetic and feeds off those traits.

Sagittarius is not scared to go head first into battle because she is naturally curious. She also will do anything to achieve her goals. Her recklessness is muffled by Libra’s care for her and that is why these two work so well. It’s a back and forth relationship and they both keep each other going!  

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