These 4 Zodiac Signs Are The Very Best Best Friends

You Need these people in your life.

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What do we look for in a friend? Humor? Optimism? Generosity? Dedication? A good friend is someone who has ALL of this and more.

It's never fun when you think someone is a good friend but they turn out not to value what you value. Or they just suck at being someone you can really rely on. 

If you're going to dedicate your time, your smiles and your life to someone for so long, you at LEAST deserve to have your BFF have your back at ALL times, amirite?


Whatever you value in a friend, these four zodiac signs have them all.

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So if you are looking for new people to hang out with in a new town or if you just want to know if your current friends make the list; these astrological signs take the cake.


Sure, some people feel like zodiac signs may not be accurate 100% of the time, but everyone can admit that sometimes, these traits are SPOT ON. When determining who you want to surround yourself with, looking to the stars is a good way to begin your search.

See which of these standout signs are the BEST types of friends to have by your side:

1Leo (July 23 - August 22)

Zodiac Sign Friends Leo

Leos are extremely generous. Even when you don’t think you need someone to sit down and listen to your problems, Leos will.

Along with being generous, a Leo is cheerful at all times and can turn your day around with her infectious laugh and goofy smile.

She's also known to be lazy as anything, so whenever you need a friend to relax on the couch and watch musicals with, SHE'S your girl.

Leo is confident, which may seem intimidating at first, but you can learn a lot from her high self-esteem and how she holds herself.

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2Aquarius (January 20 - February 18)

Zodiac Sign Friends Aquarius

An Aquarian loves herself a smart conversation, so if you ever need to get deep, she's always be ready to impart some wisdom.

If you're ever in need of some witty banter, then you're in luck because an Aquarian tends to shy away from emotional expression. So she'll show you a good, lighthearted time with her sarcasm and humor.

She also likes to have fun with friends and has spectacular social skills. So don’t worry if you tend to lack in this area, she'll ease you into social situations.

If you are someone who hates when people ditch on plans, well so does an Aquarian. She will never ditch on your girl’s night!

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3Capricorn (December 22 - January 19)

Zodiac Sign Friends Capricorn

A Capricorn woman makes for a quality friend because she is family oriented, so she's always going to treat you like one of her own ... even when you are away from yours.

Capricorns enjoy an understated status, so if you need a break from the drama (don't we all?), she's always happy to put everything down to hit up the mall for some retail therapy or binge watch Netflix all weekend.

She's extremely passionate about music, so she's bound to bombard you with new music suggestions. AND you'll always have someone eager to go to that next concert with you, no matter the genre (yes, even country!)

One of her weaknesses, though, is being unforgiving. This may sound negative, but really, it shows that a Capricorn woman values her relationships and how important her friends are to her. So if you don't let her down, you'll have a friend for life.

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4Sagittarius (November 22 - December 21)

Zodiac Sign Friends Sagittarius

A Sagittarian is curious and enjoys being outdoors. So when you get the genius idea to hike the Appalachian Trail, she will be there, just as determined as you are.

She is also generous as anything, so be prepared to give as much as she gives you, she deserves it.

One of the best thing about a Sagittarian is her sense of humor. She is always ready to make you feel comfortable in nerve wracking situations.

Along with her humor, she is optimistic and can show you that everything will be OK, even when times are tough.

If you enjoy relaxing vacations, a Sagittarian is the best type of friend to tag along. She loves to travel but isn't so much into the mundane details. So with her, you will be chilling on the beach with margaritas in no time.

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