I Tested The 2 Top Oral Sex-Stimulating Sex Toys To Tell You Which One Is BEST

These sex toys will absolutely rock your world ... I know, because I tried them out!

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For the past week, I've had the pleasure of allowing my p*ssy to take one for the team as I tested out two of the best oral sex-simulating vibrators in the sex toy game.

However, I must throw out a full disclaimer reminding you all that it's been quite awhile since I received oral sex, so I'll do my best to reach back to the last time in order to give you a fair comparison. That said, the toys that are up on the chopping block are the Womanizer Plus Size and LELO's "multi-award winning" Ora 2.


1. The Womanizer Plus Size

So, here it goes. Here's the tea. When the OG Womanizer by Epi24 came out, I was NOT in love with it. However, after two minutes with one of their newer models — the Womanizer Plus — it took my breath away... literally.

And because I prefer high and mighty vibrations, it's not often that I find myself feeling this way, even with the softer vibrations of the 12 speeds of intensity to choose from. 


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One of the best parts? It didn't sound like I was operating a jackhammer at a construction site. Even though I lived alone during my first encounter with the Womanizer, I felt self-conscious using it due to the obnoxious noise it made as I tried to focus on getting the damned thing to suck my clitoris properly.

And although all the Womanizers seem to come with a little background noise, the plus version toned it down, making the experience an enjoyable one.

But beyond the multiple orgasms that it provides, it's sexy color and vintage size caught my eye. Emphasis on the color (not a fan of the cheetah print and bedazzled buttons). 


Although it has all of the trappings of a '90s cellular device, it's size is truly one of the most surprisingly pleasant features of this vibrator — including the XL suction cup for larger clitorises — unlike its predecessors and other vibrators on the market, the handle featured on the Plus is quite handy in reassuring me that I won't develop a wild case of carpal tunnel from my frequent masturbation. The handle also makes it easy to use this vibrator with a partner

The downfalls of the Womanizer were undoubtedly the fact that it is not waterproof and although it claims to be a simple cleaning process, the recommended process is a little more in-depth than giving your handy dandy cleaning solution a spray; as they ask that you boil the suctions cups after EVERY use.

That could be a lot of boiling, and with me living at home, I'm not sure I should be cooking up vibrator parts in the middle of our kitchen.

However, with all the amazing and timely updates they continue to undergo, I think that future models might be fully prepared to please in every way possible.


They have finally stepped the overall quality of their product up and they came to play. 

Overall, the Plus was positively everything that the Womanizer W100 was not — in size, sound, effectiveness, and overall design  — this vibrator was a win. Now, does it feel like oral sex? I have to say yes, it delivers what seems like a blow of cold air (doubling as a wet lip sensation) and the suction provides a similar sensation that's reminiscent of oral sex. 

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2. The LELO ORA 2

Of course, nothing can or will feel exactly like the real thing ... other than the real thing, but the ORA 2 does try to replicate it with a circular faux tongue motion. But that wasn't the most disappointing aspect of the LELO — the disappointing aspect would be that it just wasn't user-friendly.

And, while I initially thought this had to do with my being a lazy lay, I saw other user reviews that confessed this toy took a little playing with (how ironic) in order to find the pleasure in it. And really, if a toy involves too much fidgeting and uncertainty, making it feel like work, then I tend to get discouraged. 

Granted there's a good chance I just don't know where my clitoris is, but I like to believe that after all the location changes I made, I would've eventually pinned the tail on the donkey. I even pulled out the lube to offset my vagina before I suffered a rug burn. 


But after a little practice and a break, I came back to the ORA 2 with an open mind, ready to explore as I genuinely wanted to fall in love with the jaw-dropping, 'o'-inducing head game that some marketing genius made this toy out to be, however, like a woman past her prime (by societal standards) at a holiday gathering, it was still a disappointment.

Since I often find myself questioning my judgment, I searched the web to see what other sex bloggers had to say and oh boy, I am quite generous, but sex blogger Hey Epiphora said exactly what I thought, but continued to brush aside those concerns with thoughts that perhaps my vagina had adapted to such heavy vibration that it was numb to all the normal type sh*t but no — being f*cked by the ORA 2 was like receiving oral from know-nothing guy with a nub for a tongue — it couldn't find my clitoris if I put a bullseye on it. 


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I had to wiggle and worm my way to an orgasm with this toy, and while that's okay when it's a plus, it's not okay when it's the standard and mandatory to get off.

All that aside, the toy does feel amazingly smooth providing a skin-like silicone that would feel great against a more powerful vibration and overall tongue motion. 

OK, so the toy is waterproof, which would be hella exciting if the vibration — even at it's top tier, tenth speed — didn't feel like I was being punctured by a micropenis. Epiphora puts it best:


"I’m only willing to chase an orgasm on one setting of this toy — full circle with steady vibration. The chances of my orgasm being ruined are high enough without suffering through one of the other modes."

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She later added, "At its best, held correctly and on just the right setting and while holding your breath, the LELO Ora 2 is like a pleasant massage chair for your clit. At its worst, it’s a frustrating, expensive, technological nightmare that makes masturbation harder than it needs to be. A few good orgasms when the stars align are not worth $189."

To keep it short and sweet, the toy didn't exemplify the quality that the brand has been known for in the past.


So, the conclusion is: If you're looking into either of these toys, I'd 100 percent suggest spending the extra money to get the Womanizer — no regrets there.