There Are Chairs That Make Giving Oral Sex To A Woman Even Easier

Ride in style, ladies!

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Apparently, face sitting is all the rage. (Was it ever not?) 

What I will say is that sitting on someone's face to receive oral sex can be kind of scary, you know, wondering if you're accidentally taking your kink to the next level with accidental erotic asphyxiation. No one wants to be the girl who landed on the 6 o'clock news for smothering her partner to death with their butt cheeks and vagina while you were riding their face like Seabiscuit.


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Which leads me to a new discovery (probably not new to the BDSM world) that's helpful in stepping your oral sex game up — a Queening Chair also known as a Smother Box, which was created for the to help celebrate "Cunnilingual art" as one furniture maker puts it on its site. (The chairs also provide easy access for analingus.)
"Queening" can best be described as the act of a woman sitting on someone's face, you know, like a Queen on a throne

While both are made for to deliver pleasure to women as they sit on the face of the chair/person for a different cunnilingus experience, the smother box is shorter and serves a slightly different purpose of pleasing those into the aforementioned erotic asphyxiation. It doesn't deliver as much air because it allows the woman on top to alter her position to give or reduce air.  


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There's also a "lock mechanism" for added kink measures (yes, it gets kinkier) for those into the BDSM slave scene.

The regular Queening chair sits an inch or two higher, and it allows the person underneath it to prop themselves up with a throw pillow in order to reach without straining their neck because pulling a muscle is certainly one way to kill the mood.


These chairs also take into consideration the discomfort that comes with being on top in general:

"Face sitting can be wonderful but muscle fatigue, leg cramps, backaches and reduced circulation can often mean you don't fully relax and enjoy the experience. If you won't be fully satisfied....what's the point? You should be lounging in comfort ... while receiving oral service."

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In case you're looking for a design that's a little more specific than what's offered, companies like Fetish Furniture Factory will also offer you the "design and building instructions" so that you can customize your chair with all the kink you desire. 

Hmm. Whole time I thought Queening was synonymous with women making boss moves, or at least in an ordinary sense.


But clearly, doing queen things has a slightly different meaning in the world of freaky-deeky sex — and now you can do it in style.

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