6 Amazingly Cool (& Totally Unique) Tattoo Styles To Consider For Your Next Ink

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unique tattoos

With the changing times has come a greater acceptance of tattoos. Some people still look to get inked in places that are easily hidden, but more and more people are also embracing bigger, brighter and bolder body art.

For many of us this is great since we love the way a tattoo adds a little something extra to our bodies and can tell a story we are proud to wear forever. 

Tattoos are seen everywhere. People are getting them as soon as they legally can at 18 (or even younger, with parental approval — or, let's admit, a friend hookup). And more and more we are caring less of what older generations think of them as we hand over our own hard earned money to get ink’d what we want. 

Thanks to social media platforms like Instagram, celebrities are flaunting their tattoo covered bodies and making skin art more and more mainstream by the second.

Celebrities have lost count of how many they have and some, like Harry Styles, have even gotten them done live on television. Not surprisingly, along with the popularity of the celebrities tattoos are the growing popularity of the artists tattooing them. 

But with so many stories and so much inspiration, it can be super hard to decide what we want on our bodies. Well, it’s about to get even harder as I remind you not only all the different types of tattoos you can get, but also all the different styles, locations and colors.

Now not only do you have to decide between a flower or a bird or a special landmark, but you have to decide in what unique way these images will be depicted. 

There are so many unique ways to get a tattoo, and this list is just a start. But continue reading on to see some of the most popular and unique styles to consider for your next tattoo and some of the artists that are world-famous for doing them.

If you don't have a desire for a tattoo yet, or a specific tattoo that you want in mind, maybe you will by the time you’re done reading. 


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Gi Gi Hadid JonBoy Unique Tattoo


Minimalist tattoos are perfect for people who love the little things in life. Often they involve thin crisp lines, small designs, and little or no color. These can be placed anywhere on your body and can be easily hid.

JonBoy, based out of NYC, has rose to Instagram fame for his minimalist designs and for his popularity among some of Hollywood’s VIPs including Kendall Jenner and the Baldwin girls.


Photo: The Vandallist
Georgia Grey Watercolor Unique Tattoo


Watercolor tattoos are perfect for someone who wants to stand out. The bright and beautiful colors will attract all eyes and with no rough or strong boarders, the tattoo look soft and blends well with the body. 

Georgia Grey is one of the most talented watercolor tattoo artist. If her artwork can’t speak for itself than her residency will. Georgia Grey can be found working out of one of the most well known tattoo shops in NYC, Bang Bang. 

Geometric Tattoo

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Nouvelle Rita Geometric Unique Tattoo


There are plenty reasons to get a geometric, or geometric inspired, tattoo. Maybe there is a sacred geometric symbol that you carry close to your heart, or maybe you simply have fallen in love with the look of them. Whatever the reason, you can’t go wrong when considering this unique style for your next tattoo. 

Portuguese artist, Nouvelle Rita is beyond talented at what she does. Her use of shapes to create realistic images is unique, recognizable, and beyond breathtaking. 


Photo: Alice Carrier
Alice Carrier Naturalistic Unique Tattoo


Naturalistic artists look to realistically recreate nature on your body. There is nothing more beautiful than a dainty flower, or a strong tree, and the inspiration is endless. These tattoos are perfect for anyone who feels they belong in the great outdoors and you should definitely consider this style for your next ink session.

You can get lost in nature, or you can get lost in Alice Carrier’s Instagram page. Based out of Portland, Oregon it’s no wonder she is super talented at Naturalistic designs. 


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Lauren Marie Sutton Dotwork Unique Tattoo


Dotwork tattoos are a unique form of tattoos that use dots rather than strictly lines and shading to create their image. Doing this helps gives the artwork the illusion of depth on a flat surface. 

It’s definitely worth looking at Lauren Marie Sutton out of Manchester for inspiration for a dotwork tattoo. Many of her creations take inspiration from nature, wether in the form of plant or animal, and look classic in shades of black and grey.

Color Block

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Sasha Unisex Color Block Unique Tattoo


Similar to watercolor tattoos, color block tattoos are known for the use of bright and vibrant colors to make an overall image that will definitely stand out on your body. They also take note from geometric tattoos to help bring the shape to life in an interesting way. 

Sasha Unisex has combined geometric and watercolor practices to perfect her color block tattoos. She even offers temporary tattoos of her bright creations for those of use not ready to permanently ink our body, but are envious of these tattoos.