3 Secrets For Giving Head So Good He'll Literally Burst With Pleasure

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How To Give Head So Good He'll Literally BURST With Pleasure

I see a lot of articles that give women advice about how to give great blowjobs. Many of these articles are written by men, and while it seems to make sense that they would be the best ones to dole out the advice, given that they are the ones getting off from this form of oral pleasure, I’m here to tell you to ignore such nonsense.

I’ve given a fair amount of head in my nearly 40 years on this earth, and I feel confident enough to firmly say this ...

BJ advice from men can suck it.

The thing is, every man is different. Much like not every man likes the exact same kind of beer, not every man likes the exact same kind of blow job.

To take the advice of one man who happens to like his blowjobs a certain way would be like taking beer advice from a Budweiser man when your man prefers craft beer. It’s simply never going to help you be any better at blowing your particular man's horn, and, frankly, it could even turn him off BIG time. 

The only man who should give you advice on the best way to give a blowjob is the man you are currently blowing.

That said, here are 3 pro-quality tips for giving him head like he's never had it before.

1. Ask him what he likes.

It’s simple really. Communication is a key element to being a good fellationado (yeah, I just made that word up, so what).

Some guys like it when you to pump the shaft with your hand while you’re slobbing-the-knob and other guys want you to go hands-free and take it all down your throat. Some guys really like it if you focus on the head and other guys like it if you cup their balls in your hand or give them a nice lick while you’re at it. Some guys like variety and want you to do all of that at the same and/or different times.

No two men are exactly alike, ergo no two blow jobs should ever be exactly the same.

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2. Be enthusiastic about having him in your mouth.

No guy wants to think that sucking his penis is a chore for you. He wants to think that sucking his penis is your number one favorite activity of all time ever — that his penis is so extraordinarily awesome and delicious that it’s literally the only thing you ever want to have in your mouth.

Obviously, some of that may require a tiny bit of acting. Unless you’re like me and truly love giving head, you’re going to have to play it up some.

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3. Rather than thinking of giving head as something you’re doing for him, think of it as something you are doing for yourself.

I can tell one thing that for sure applies to every single guy — nothing turns me on like hearing a guy moan and cry out in pleasure while I have him in my mouth. Knowing that I am capable of making him scream and writhe in pleasure is such a fantastic ego boost.

I feel completely in control, and damn that feels hot!

Anyone can give a great blowjob.

You just have to be willing to find out what your man wants in particular, and then give it to him with every last drop of enthusiasm you've got in you.

I promise you this ...

Once a man has had a blowjob of such phenomenal quality as I am describing to you here, he will come crawling back to you again and again — and yet your jaw will never be left hurting or strained because he won’t be able to last long enough to make that happen.