8 Ways Your Mom Is Basically Your Long-Distance Boyfriend

Moms know best.

long-distance boyfriend ALPA PROD/Shutter Stock

When you're living at home, life is just kind of taken care of. Mom makes sure food is set on the table and you don't sleep through your 6 AM alarm for school in the morning. Basically, if it weren't for her you'd probably be lying in a dumpster somewhere (thanks, Mom).

As you grow up, you start to think you'd be just fine on your own. But then you become an adult and realize just how much you needed her.


Your relationship bends with the changing seasons of your life, but you know she's always a safe place to go back to. Especially when your choice in men is slim pickings (or rather, you're just sort of over the whole dating thing for a while), she's got your back.


You'll never be alone because your mom is basically your long-distance boyfriend. Here's why.

1. You call her in times of DIRE trouble.

Wait, okay... so how long do I put the chicken in the oven for?

2. You share a Netflix account.

It really is a sign of true love to share your Netflix account with someone. It shows trust, honesty, and most importantly, a mutual love of bingeing your favorite shows when you've got nothing better to do. The two of you can watch together from miles away, then debrief about your latest thoughts on 13 Reasons Why.

3. She'll give you the pep talk you need.



You know what it's like to just have one of those days. Those days when the universe is working toward your demise and your only plans for the evening are to curl into a ball of stress and mentally check out for a while. Just like your boyfriend will be there for emotional support, your mom is prepared with the exact words you need to hear in that moment.

4. She listens to you rant about your annoying coworker.

There are some people who just know how to push your buttons. You don't know how they learned to do it so well, all you know is it's working. Venting is a natural instinct when patience is being tested time and time again.

Who better to be a listening ear than your mom? Chances are she's been there too (she's got her own stories about that dang Deborah from the supermarket). And if you're lucky, she can even give you some bonus advice on how to deal with the nuisances in your life.


5. You make frequent phone calls.

Long-distance relationships must have solid communication (or any relationship for that matter). Whether it's a quick chat to catch up on the day's happenings for a few minutes when you're driving to the grocery store, or an entire evening talking your partner's ear off, you're always staying connected.


Moms are the same way — even more so, really. She'll call you to update you on the status of her nails after a relaxing spa treatment or to tell you what stupid thing your brother did the other day. Whatever it is you need to know, she's going to fill you in with the play-by-play.

6. Skype and Facetime are a must.

Phone calls and texting are great, but it’s essential to connect face to face as well. Being able to actually see your loved one eases the distance, even if just for an hour.

She can live stream what she's making for dinner as you talk (a recipe you'll definitely be tucking away for future use) or show you the fantastic home office she just finished... Wait, is that my room?


7. Goodbyes are tough.

Saying goodbye after a visit that was far too short is always difficult. But you know that absence makes the heart grow fonder, and it's something you're reminded of every day you're apart.


8. She’s your best friend.

When in a long-distance relationship, you pretty much have each other down to a science. It's to the point where you know everything from the exact time they leave for work to what they had for dinner the night before.

You and your mom share the same sort of bond. She will always offer the best advice, comfort, and laughs because she knows you better than anyone in the world.

We don't always appreciate our loved ones the way we should. And that's the thing about having to maintain a long-distance relationship: you realize just how strong the bond really is.