11 Memes That NAIL What It Feels Like To Totally Obsess Over A Guy

crush memes

Someone gets us after all.

Believe it or not, having a crush isn't just something reserved for underage schoolgirls. 

Not one of us is immune to the googly, heart-eyed effect that's symptomatic of a crush since the dawn of time.

The downfall about crushes is that you never really get over them (not completely anyway) until you get under them — or until they do something so extremely gross that you are forced to remove your rose-colored shades. 

Needless to say, this is why crushes are best done from afar — where you never have to actually get to know the person.

Sure, science says if your crush lasts for longer than four months, it is actually love (and the formal name is "limerence") but what do they really know about anything?

Seriously. I have a hard time believing that's the case with most crushes since even when you move on, you still have that little goofy smile when someone brings them up.

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You may not be crushing as hard, but there's still a small semblance of crushing. It's only when you continuously cling to hope that your feelings appear to be more than just a "crush" — at least in my opinion, that is.

By this point in the game, I'd like to believe we all know the difference between healthy obsession and not-so-healthy obsession, which I'm sure this scientific definition doesn't account for.

But, I've finally realized that sometimes a crush is meant to be just that. A crush. But that doesn't stop me from having these 10 crazy thoughts while crushing, which are perfectly summed up by these funny crush memes.

The truth is that even when secret bae (secret as in they don't know) isn't even aware of you or available for you, you still have to give people the crazy eye to remind them that that's all ours ... or, at least, in your wildest dreams.

Mirror, Mirror

Why is he even wasting his time with any of those girls? I just don't get it, doesn't he know who I am? 

Wait, that actually might be the problem.

Overthinking the Unthinkable

If he doesn't respond back in a millisecond then all hope is lost. I'm destined to be a cat lady and that's final.

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High Alert

All your friends will alert you, daring you with their eyes to make a move. But, you all know that won't ever happen — not today.

Googly Eyes

If your friends don't make things hot like this — with a weird and obvious stare down — they're simply not your friends.

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No, No, No

Back down and back off if you know what's best for you.

Ticking Timebomb

So, I guess this means we're not dating after all huh?

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Lets Not, Girl

If you know what's best for you, you won't even try to go there.

Wedding Bells

After exchanging words, we're clearly more serious than "Facebook official." Duh.

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What's the Meaning of This?

*hops out the bushes and attacks* No one touches my man. No one. Not even me, sadly.

Fantasy Land for One

I said four words to him exactly and it was the most amazing phase of our relationship yet.

But do I click like ... or not?