A Sex Toy Expert Reveals The 5 Toys That Make Her Orgasms EXPLODE

Don't let your vagina pass these up.

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When I first started working for a small online store in the sex toy industry, I did not know how much variety there was in the market. Luckily, my boss was willing to let me try out some of the toys that we carried in order to learn about what’s available and why people would want to buy these products.

Over time, I have developed a list of the best sex toys that I play with all the time, whether alone or with a partner.


All of these sex toys are body safe and are at a variety of different price points. Make sure you do your research before buying any toy as many can be filled with harmful chemicals. And while it may seem easier to buy a toy on Amazon, it’s best to go straight to the manufacturer or a third party store that gets their inventory from a licensed warehouse as there’s less chance of getting a counterfeit.

Without further ado, here are the 5 best sex toys:

1. Satisfyer Pro Penguin 


My co-workers and I love the Satisfyer series for their power and long-lasting batteries, but there’s always the debate on which one is the best. While the original does have its merit, I prefer using the Penguin more as it provides more precision and it’s easier to hold on to

2. Posh 10 Function Rabbit Vibrator 

This is the first vibrator I ever reviewed and it’s a great vibrator for beginners. It will get anyone use to the common settings, pluses, and vibrations that can be found with most vibrators on the market. Plus, it will get you off easier as rabbits offer two types of stimulation simultaneously.


3. TruSkyn Masturbator 

I’m a firm believer in breaking the stigma around sex toys, particularly male sex toys. I was fortunate enough to find male participants for some of these reviews and it turns out that men like toys such as the TruSkyn masturbator line as they provide a different, pleasurable feel. As these masturbators can fit just about any man, I say this is a great toy to start out with if you’re new to sex toys.

4. O’Hare Rabbit Ring 


This is by far my favorite sex toy out of everything I’ve tried so far. It combines my two favorite toys (rabbits and cock rings) together, has multiple vibrating functions, and has given me the most pleasurable sexual experience I have ever had in my life! I can proudly say that the person I tried this out with felt the same way.

5. OhmiBod Wearable Vibrator 


I love the idea of having a naughty secret in public, and while I have not written a review for this vibrator yet, I have featured it in some blog posts and I most definitely will write about it in the future. The unique shape allows it to slip into your panties discreetly and stay there for as long as you want, which makes it a great accessory to your average date night.