Your Most DESPISED Personality Trait, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

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most despised personality trait
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Like everybody, you've got your faults.

Unless you’re Beyoncé, then you’re not perfect, and there’s something about you that really pisses people off. In fact, there are those who kind of despise you.

Now, you can’t live your life trying not be or do who you want. But it’s not a bad idea to be aware of what it is that people find so hard to take.

Are you so self-centered that you can never for one minute talk about anything other than yourself, or is it that you’re constantly complaining about everything under the sun? 

Look deep and be honest with yourself. Could that behavior that you think is kind of endearing just really annoying? Is the fact that you’re always late not a sign that you’re cute but that you’re a flake? Your friends hate that they need to tell you that a meeting time is 30 minutes earlier than it is just so you’ll only be a few minutes late.

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There are tons of times when you think it’s someone else’s problem but it’s actually yours. You’re not being considerate or kind or even reliable and it’s getting to the point where people must weigh the positives and the negatives of spending time with you. And sometimes, the negatives outweigh the positives and suddenly, you find yourself with fewer friends.

It’s not difficult to change if you want to. Maybe those less than endearing qualities are frustrating for you as well. You might hate that one of your personality traits is that you’re rigid and judgmental, and you know that you don’t like being judged, so why are you being so critical of someone else?

You have a choice: you accept your flaws and make peace with them, or you can work on improving yourself. Here’s your most despised personality trait, based on your zodiac sign.

ARIES: You've got a short fuse.
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It doesn't last long but when you get angry, you lash out on anyone around you. It can be frightening how you lose it when something doesn't go your way or you think someone messed up. The good thing is you recover quickly, though the damage that you cause can be lasting. If only you would think before chewing someone out or even consider how your words affect others.


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TAURUS: You're passive.
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Sometimes getting you to do something is like pushing a boulder up a mountain. You'd rather sit there and have things handed to you rather than have to work to get them. Unfortunately, that's not how the world works; even the most successful people have actions to take. You don't want to become rigid and unmoving, sitting and waiting forever for someone to come and offer you your big break. You need to do what you can to make it happen for yourself.


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GEMINI: You're unreliable.
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You don't mean to flake out or be entirely unresponsive but you are. You're late, you say you'll finish something and you never do, and you make promises that there's no way you can keep. It's clear that you don't want to disappoint anyone but you need to not only be realistic about what you can and can't accomplish during a certain time set, but you need to be honest with yourself. Do you flake because you didn't want to turn an invitation down but you didn't want to attend that event, so you said you'd go only to cancel at the last minute? 


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CANCER: You can't just be happy.
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Whenever you're feeling happy, you won't allow yourself to just be happy. You're always waiting for the other shoe to drop and you start preparing yourself for what you expect is the negative side to the happiness. Who knows how long happiness can last. There's no rule that says you're only allowed so much happiness. It's bad enough that you can let yourself be happy but you do the same things to others. You're quite the buzz kill. Enjoy your happiness and let others enjoy theirs.


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LEO: You're passive-aggressive.
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You don't want to get your hands dirty, so you try to manipulate others to do your bidding. You'd rather pout and procrastinate than have a direct confrontation. You're very manipulative when it comes to getting something you want and you'd rather have someone else get it for you rather than take the chance of ruining your image. It's all smoke and mirrors with you.


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VIRGO: You're a control freak.
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Nothing is ever good enough for you until you've managed to put your two cents in. You need to manage everybody and everything and it makes you difficult to work with and be with. If you would only just let some things go untouched, without trying to micromanage everyone and everything, people would be able to relax and have fun with you. As it is, they're on high alert, waiting for you to give your critique and suggestions on what needs to change. Loosen up, you're not the boss of everybody.


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LIBRA: You're overly competitive.
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On the surface, you're chill and relax, but the truth is you're competitive about almost everything. Seriously, there's enough competition in life with work, so you don't need to drag it into every area of your life. When you get so worked up over losing to someone who had no clue that they were competing with you, you waste energy and you put your health at risk. It's no mystery why someone so charming and easy-going as you has blood-pressure issues.


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SCORPIO: You're rude.
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You have no time for lies and you think it's better if you're just direct with your thoughts. The trouble is that you never seem to consider the effect your words have on people and how you come off. You seem like an assh*le who doesn't care about how they treat others. You can be nice; it doesn't make you a liar if you say something to be kind and spare someone's feelings. You don't want to be mean, it just comes off that way sometimes.


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SAGITTARIUS: You're self-involved.
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You seem to think that everyone is waiting with baited breath to hear about every detail about your life — they're not. It's great that you find yourself so fascinating but not everybody does. If you opened the conversation up to the thoughts and feelings of other people, you might be surprised at how interesting they are. No one cares about how you're so gorgeous that you're constantly being stopped on the street and complimented. You're not the only subject for conversation.


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CAPRICORN: You're cheap.
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There's frugal, there's careful with one's money, and then there's you. You've never met a coupon you didn't like. It's nice to offer to take your friend to dinner for helping you move but not to a fast food restaurant because they're having a special two for the price of one. You're the opposite of generous and when you leave such a minuscule tip, your dining companion usually adds to the tip while you're not looking. Loosen up those purse strings.


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AQUARIUS: You can be hard-hearted.
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When you shut down your emotions, there's no getting through to you as you're completely detached. It's difficult to talk to you when you seem to care so little for what other people are going through. People get upset, they cry, and they need comfort, but when you refuse to offer any kind of comfort to them, you just come off as cold and uncaring.


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PISCES: You're too mysterious.
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There's one thing about being careful about who you confide in but you never tell anybody anything. You keep it all to yourself. Why should people share with you if it's only going to be one-sided? A relationship means that both people give and take and share things about themselves, but you are tight-lipped. If someone confronts you about your secretive personality, you refuse to change. A little mystery goes a long way, a lot of mystery is just frustrating.


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