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9 Signs You're WAY Hotter At 30 Than You Were At 20

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hotter in your thirties

Ladies, don’t take this the wrong way because you’re gorgeous at any and every age, but there is something about moving past your twenties that takes a woman from hot to intoxicating. I don’t think I’m the only one who thinks this, either.

But unless you’re skeptical and wondering how getting older can make you “hotter,” remember that sex appeal and beauty are not just about the absence of wrinkles or a perky butt. Sex appeal is a more sophisticated beast than just symmetrical and appealing facial features with a nice body to match.

Here are 9 reasons why you’re hotter in your thirties than your twenties.

1. You don't worry about looking perfect.

When you’re in your twenties, your outfit, your makeup, your shoes, your everything has to be just right. Even if your look is boho chic, your “look” must be right. This desire for everything to be perfect is normal but stifling.

There’s something really sexy about not caring what you look like (within reason). And the older you get, the less likely you are to panic about these things; instead, you wear what you like and what works and don’t worry about if it’s just right.

2. You know what you like.

There is something utterly sexy about a woman who is mature enough and confident enough to say what she wants in bed, each and every time. That is some serious sex appeal power right there.

In our twenties, we’re learning to assert ourselves and decide what we like, but in our thirties, we know what we like. We’ve perfected the art of asserting ourselves. We say what we want. That’s hot.

3. You're mature, which means you're experienced.

With time, you learn what your sexual partners like, dislike and truly go crazy over, so as you get older, you gain confidence in bed. Experience is a great teacher and with this experience comes amazing sex appeal. This is why there are clueless young guys dying for a hot older woman to teach them what they need to know.

4. You know your personal style.

The fun part about my twenties was playing with different looks to learn what worked for me and what didn’t. One thing that doesn’t work for me? Maxi dresses. For the most part.

When you hit thirty, you know what works for you and what doesn’t. You’ve got a style and look that is uniquely you and incredibly sexy because it’s been driven, tested and approved in your twenties. You look hotter in your thirties because you know this is your best look.

5. You stop caring when men reject you.

I really cared when guys rejected me or didn’t like me in my twenties. Not that it doesn’t matter as you get older, but when you hit that big 3-0, you realize that if someone doesn’t like you, it’s not a reflection on you, but simply that the two of you don’t work. And that’s okay.

This lack of what I call “giving a sh*t” is super-sexy. You show up confident and perfectly you 150 percent of the time, each time. It’s sexy.

6. You've mastered the art of seduction.

Oh sure, I knew how to seduce in my twenties. I bet you’re a real pro at it. But wait until you hit your thirties. You’re like this dynamic combination of hotness, experience and confidence, and honestly, a better lover. Like wine, with age, you are more and more divine.

7. You own your sexuality.

Any guilt you might have had about your sexual preferences or behaviors are long gone by thirty. If they’re not, that’s bad news right there. This lack of guilt means you have complete ownership of all your dirty, kinky, or not-so-kinky habits and likes.

All bets are off when you enter the bedroom and it is much more tantalizing than the girl who wanted a gag in her mouth or a female-to-female experience but couldn’t say so. This woman has no bad feelings about her sexuality. She owns it.

8. You know where you envision yourself in the future.

You’ve made a career for yourself or, at the very least, you’re paving a direction towards your career goals. You know what you want and who you want.

You’re not in the gut-curdling anxiety stages of your twenties. Even if things are perfectly smooth, you’ve got a direction and you’re on the right path. Whatever partner comes your way will soak in this assurance and find it sexy. Much sexier than the unsure girl he or she once knew.

9. You accept the parts of your body you don't like.

You learn your sexiest style by the time you’re thirty, and you also know and love those special parts of your body that you know damn well are scintillating and hot. And the parts about you that you don’t love? Well, you accept them as is and own what you’ve got.

Let’s face it: even if you don’t want to be, you’re a little sex kitten on her way to becoming a lioness. Enjoy this stage of your life!