How Women Feel About Being Fingered (And How Guys Mess It Up)

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woman naked in bed

Remember back in high school when the only penetration you knew was a finger and it actually felt pretty good? Or, at least some of the time!

Then we grew up, and we experienced the real thing and other forms of foreplay — like oral sex — and the whole fingering thing mostly fell to the wayside.

The older you got the more you worried about stuff like being clawed by excessively long nails and the sanitary state of said nails (or hands and finger(s) as a whole for that matter) — no matter how good it had the potential to feel.

But still — as a grown woman — you find that there’s always that one guy who resorts to the finger.

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Perhaps it's just part of their foreplay tease, or it’s his way of avoiding better foreplay; whatever the case is, your vagina is bound to be met with a finger from time-to-time.

I thought it might be interesting to see how women really feel about getting fingered, and since I’ve heard many complaints about it being done wrong, I even asked them how to finger a girl ... correctly.

Here’s what they had to say (read on guys, because you may be wasting your time with finger foreplay).

1. “Meh and no. It’s weird, like a slightly sexier pap smear. No one knows how to do it and it’s just an all around no for me.” —K. Illes

2. “It makes it easier for the penis to go in after.” —A. Levy

3. “I could do without it, not sure of the right way, but I know what the wrong way is — when you try to ‘finger bang’ someone that’s a no-no.” —J. Jackson

4. “Um. I personally only like it near my hole area and not on my actual clit … but, the only time I allow them to penetrate me is if they’re eating me out.” —B. Caudel

5. “It’s only acceptable if it’s a warm up for something better, like anal sex. Not necessarily fingering my butt either, but that feels nice too. Where ever you do it, make sure your nail isn't cutting into my insides.” —K. Daniels


6. "I actually really like being fingered if it's done right. (As in, don't f*cking jam your dirty hand into my vagina.) I think it should start slow with a bit of stimulation on my clitoris, followed by insertion and after that just a mix of both. No more than two fingers because at that point you may as well use your penis." —D. Morton

With a variety of answers, there weren't any women who were overjoyed at the thought of being fingered.

So basically, it's one of those add-ons that women definitely won't miss, but when it's happening and it's good, there certainly won't be any objections!