13 Signs You've Definitely Met Your Sexual Soulmate

This person can pull out the kink in you like no other.

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When you meet someone and all the stars align into one huge (or many delightful) orgasms and your skin is glowing like you’re lit up from the inside, you’ve met your sexual soulmate! You know finding good sex isn’t always easy and finding your sexual soulmate is like hitting the jackpot.

When two bodies align in one supernova fantasy, it’s pretty damn amazing. Here are 13 signs you’ve met your sexual soulmate.


1. They listen without judgment.


You know that moment when you get a sexual idea in your head but you’re afraid to bring it up in case the other person says, “No way!” and thinks you’re a total freak? Your sexual soulmate listens to your sexual ideas with an eagerness akin to a dog begging for a bone. Your sexual soulmate wants to hear what you have to say, even if, ultimately, he or she doesn’t say yes to your sexual need. This person also doesn’t judge.


2. You want sex at the same time.

Some people like it all the time. Others like it at certain times of the month. Your sexual soulmate will want sex with the same frequency as you, whether it’s only on Sundays or every damn day of the week.

This doesn’t mean you’ll both always be amped up and ready for action at the same time, but for the most part... yes. You’ll both be eager for a fix.

3. You have the same level of kink.

Your sexual better half is going to seek out the same kink as you do. If you find the idea of whips and chains as tame, the person you call your sexual soulmate will be ready with a ball gag and a boot to the face to up the ante. If your idea of kinky is moaning a little louder, your sexual soulmate will also be as vanilla as you are.


4. They're open to suggestions.

Ever sleep with someone who couldn’t stand to hear any feedback or wasn’t open to talking about what’s going down in the bedroom? Annoying. Your sexual half will want to talk about your sex life because to him or her, your experience matters and talking about it is only going to help the two of you connect better.


5. You can be yourself.

When you’re with this person, you’ll feel as if there are no holds barred. This means you can be yourself fully, whether you’re a wildcat or the sexual equivalent of a domestic shorthair. Neither of you are pretending or forcing yourselves to do or act in a way that’s not natural to you or your sexual preferences.

There are no “women with headaches” or men who are “turning their noses” at certain actions when you’re in the bedroom with your sexual soulmate. Both of you are completely and utterly yourselves.

6. You feel extremely sexy when you're around this person.



Ever sleep with someone you’re unsure about or have no idea where the two of you stand? It’s the worst! But when you’re downright banging or making love to someone that speaks the same sexual language as you, you feel your damn sexiest.

That’s not because your pecks look great or your bikini wax is just right, but because you’re so confident in yourself. You feel sexy because your partner validates your every carnal need.

7. They adore you.

Your sexual soulmate will gush over you. Your sexual soulmate will undress you with his or her eyes in a way no one else has before. This person doesn’t see your skinny arms or your cellulite. This person sees sex on a stick — yup, you’re his or her lollipop of choice. That feeling of utter adoration is delicious and sometimes very sinful.


8. They can tell what you want just by looking at you.

With just one look, your sexual partner-in-crime knows exactly what you’re thinking, you filthy boy or girl. With just one look, your partner knows to slow down with the tongue or keep it going.

9. The sex gets better as time goes on.

When you meet this sexual dynamo, things just get better and better in the bedroom over time. Whereas with certain people the sexual energy fades, with a sexual soul the energy builds. Sure, there will be valleys as with anything else, but for the most part, the sex will just get better over time.

10. They know just what to ask.

This other half of yours will be able to sense which sexual behaviors may or may not interest you. Sometimes, you’ll wonder if this person can read your mind because he or she will know what you’ll say yes to as well as no.


11. They give you an orgasm like no other.

Sex with this soulmate is like a drug. The climax, the anticipation — it’s all so much better than it is with anyone else. It’s that hot.

12. You can’t keep your hands off each other.


Despite whatever else is going on between you two, neither of you can say no to the other. You must have each other whether it’s in a risqué place or it’s a risqué situation.

13. There is mutual respect and trust.

The level of respect between the two of you is so high that it makes your sex life amazing, way beyond the intense chemistry. Both of you feel secure in the situation and the respect emanates with every single touch.