11 Places You Need To Masturbate Before You Die — Together OR Alone

There's nothing like a little self-love to get you off in the filthiest way.

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Everyone chants how self-love is so important. Self-love is necessary for a happy life, self-love is necessary if you want to meet a good partner. But the one thing people don’t push is the importance of self-love: the sexual kind!

Masturbation is a beautiful act of self-love that requires no equipment — unless you like toys — and it doesn’t require a relationship. Broke, rich, sick, healthy, young or old, masturbation is for everyone and it becomes even more delicious and exciting when it’s shared with another person or done in an erotic spot all by yourself.


Here are 11 places to masturbate either alone or with a partner for a truly orgasmic time.

1. In the car

Alone: Okay, so you’re already questioning my sanity, but have you ever driven on a gridlocked highway? Or did a long straight car run for hours on end? Amp up the heat with a little masturbation.


Obviously, this is easier for women to do than men. Hey, sometimes we ladies have the advantage and when it comes to rubbing a good one out on the road, we’re on top! This is not a good “together” activity, so if you’re in a partnership, you’re best to stick to “road head.” It means, of course, that you better swallow, but you were going to anyway, right?

2. In the bathroom

Alone: Don’t think about germs. Think about how erotic it feels to rub one out to yourself. Whether at work or in a bar or in your very own home, a little quickie never hurt. In fact, it feels amazing. 

Together: This is one that is best if you have a participant and observer. Sit back and watch as your partner gets to work, but don’t join in just yet. Just watch until you get hard. Once you’re hard or dripping wet, join in.


3. In the stairwell

Alone: It’s dark and a little scary, but also so very private. It's the perfect place to rub one out joyfully. Of course, there’s also the risk of getting caught, which just makes it all the more exciting. Are you turned on yet?

Together: You can watch close up — right between their legs if you like — as your partner strokes or rubs out a delightful orgasm. Up the hotness by offering to swallow or lick up every drop of your lover’s orgasm.


4. On the beach

Alone: This isn’t a move to pull when all the kiddies are kicking around sand but on a “quiet” day or secluded beach. What’s better than a pulsating or skyrocketing orgasm right amongst the sun, sand and fresh air? Feeling the air on your genitals. The sun, too, if you can reveal that much skin.

Together: If you can pull it off alone, try it together. Bonus points if you do!

5. Underwater

Alone: Pool. Ocean. Lake. Yeah, I said pool. If you’re a man, well... I sort of hope it’s your own pool or that you can find a better “exit” plan.

Together: Taking turns between watching and helping each other get off in the water is so erotic. Even if the water is a little cold, you’ll rise to the occasion. Trust me.


6. At a formal gathering

Alone: Bored to tears at the wedding reception? Can’t stand the boring work convention? Just need to get off and have fun for five minutes? Find a private spot, any spot, and just touch yourself. Go on. I won’t tell anyone!

Together: Did they really need to make it a dual-sex baby shower? SNOOZE! Break out somewhere — a corner, a bathroom, a hallway, outside — and watch each other get off. Just be quick about it. You wouldn’t want to miss the “tossing of the garter” or see another baby onesie, would you?


7. During a sports outing

Together: This one is best with someone. Can’t stand how bad your team is playing? Had a few beers at the game and now suddenly you’re feeling super-horny? A little touch and play under the blanket at the game or under the bleachers is enough to make you feel hot, horny, and like a teenager. Ain’t no shame in that.

8. While hiking

Alone: You’re hot and sweaty and alone with your own dirty filthy thoughts. This is the time to take a little masturbation break and just touch yourself. Screw it. Who cares if anyone sees? Well, okay, hiking is a more secluded activity. All the better for getting off.

Together: Watch as your partner orgasms and then ask them to watch. As you finish, get ready for round two — this time, penetrate each other. Tongues, penises, fists. Whatever your pleasure. Enjoy in the sun or cool clouds.


9. At a town fair

Together: Alone is not as fun for this one.  Why not rub her right on the Ferris wheel? Who’s going to see? No one. Let her body reach intense heights up in the sky — whether she does it herself or you help a little. When you get back down to the ground, find a secluded spot and let her treat you to serious head. You deserve it.


10. At the gym

Alone: Just finished an intense session or are taking a break in between intervals? Hit the bathroom and relieve some stress and get your body all warm in a different way.

Together: You’ll have to be sneaky if you’re a heterosexual couple, but trying to sneak in the bathroom is worth the fun. Just clean up well when you’re done.

11. In the shower



Alone: Get yourself wet or soaked in a whole new way. The hot water, steam, privacy... This is the perfect place to get off for as long as you want.

Together: Watch your partner touch him or herself. As this is happening, clean your partner’s body. In between sudsing him or her up, help your partner get off. Right as your partner is about to orgasm, offer oral or a nice thick penis or fist.