The ONE Thing You Need To Remember When Life Gets HARD

This can get you through anything.

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Life can do its best to get you down sometimes.

Whether you're dealing with an abusive boyfriend or husband, overcoming a toxic relationship with your parents, or trying to ignore the snide comments of a friend, it can be hard to keep your chin up and smile.


In our latest Expert video, "Know It All Nancy" Nancy Nichols — dating coach and author of God, Please Fix Me! A Breakthrough in Self-esteem, Relationship Understanding and Personal Healing for Women — suggests the one thing that will get you through all the toughest times:


The self-confidence to know that you can take responsibility for your life.

The self-confidence that you can change your life to be whatever you want.

The self-confidence to know that YOU are the one in control of your life, no one else.

No one said it would be easy.

Believing in yourself enough to know you have the capabilities and the strength to make life good takes work! But it's well worth it.


So the next time life decides to throw some lemons at you, take a deep breath and remember, YOU'VE GOT THIS!

Don't believe me? Remember who has gotten you through all of the tough times in your past. 

Sure, a friend may have given you a hand, or shared encouraging words.

But in the end, who solves the problems?

Who pulls you up out of bed and got you back into life?

Who BELIEVES in you most of all?

It was you, it's always you. None of it could've happened without you.

What better evidence could you find that you deserve the self-confidence you've always wanted?

A great life awaits.

Are you struggling with denial, heartbreak, anger or resentment from a breakup or divorce? Nancy Nichols has walked in your shoes. Her newly released book "God, Please Fix Me!" will help you through the healing process. Sign up for Nancy’s Dating Blogs to learn tips for building healthier relationships.


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