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About Nancy Nichols

I help mature single women build self-esteem and understand the modern rules of dating.

I am a best-selling self-help, dating and relationship author, empowerment speaker, notorious “Know-It-All Nancy” blogger and TV and radio talk show personality. My gift is a unique introspect into a woman’s mindset and behavior which sabotages her dating opportunities and relationships. My wit will entertain you; my uncensored candor will empower you with relationship understanding and a “can-do” attitude.

Here’s the problem: it’s difficult, if not impossible for a woman (or man) to recognize the negative vibes and actions which impair her dating and relationship efforts.

My specialty is helping single, divorced and widowed women identify their behavioral patterns that disrupt and damage their relationships.

My belief is: Every action produces a result. To change the result, you must change the action. But to do that you must pinpoint the problems in your relationships.

Ask yourself these questions: 

  • Do you repeatedly run men off—or do men suddenly stop calling you?
  • Do the men you really like not ask you out for a second date? Or worse yet—do men never ask you for a date?
  • Do you fall in love quickly and easily and get you heart broken?
  • Do you have a history of dating and falling in love with the wrong man?
  • Do you commit to men who, you know in your heart, are less than what you want and deserve?
  • Do you question a man’s hurtful behavior—but keep dating him anyway?
  • Do you have a track record of failed relationships or divorce?
  • Are you afraid to stand up to your boyfriend's or husband's deceptive, controlling and even abusive behavior?

Be honest, does any of this describe you? I can help.

  • I will help you understand how you come off to the opposite sex.
  • I will help you recognize and correct your behavioral patterns that run men off—or cause you to fall in love with men who are non-committal, emotionally unavailable or abusive.
  • I will help you raise your relationship standards and recognize a wonderful man who will commit, adore and love you for a lifetime.
  • I will teach you the red flags of the WRONG man and help you avoid involvement with him.
  • I will help you to understand today's complicated rules of online dating and help you write a profile that will attract the men you want to meet.

More importantly …

I will help you identify and develop your unique qualities, embrace your self-worth, and consequently, project a confident, intriguing presence that will not only gain you the interest of desirable men, but the aspects of a rewarding, fulfilling life.

Are you ready to improve the quality of your single life? Are you ready to find a man who will add value to your life? Email me at nancy@knowitallnancy.com to get started.

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