10 Men Share The Best, Most Unexpected Way A Woman Caught Their Attention

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what men find attractive

With all the advice about how to "catch" a man flying at us from all directions, women have a hard time knowing exactly what works and what doesn't. Reading magazines, books, and websites written by women telling women how to attract hetero dudes seems insane, ridiculous, and counterproductive. Not only that, but it leads to all sorts of stresses, mixed signals, and frustration.

In hopes to better sort the truths from the total bullsh*t, we asked 10 guys to tell us what men find attractive about the women who most effectively stood out from the crowd and left them wanting more. 

1. She opened with a zinger.

"She read my dating profile and came up with a great, witty opener based on one of the more obscure things I’d listed in my interests. That's all it took."

2. She bought me a drink.

"She paid for the bartender to buy me a second round and then didn’t come over to talk... for like, a couple hours. Then I saw she and her friends were getting up to leave, and I basically chased her out of the bar. And yeah, maybe that was her plan all along, but dammit, it worked."

3. I was entranced by her tramp stamp.

"Her tramp stamp said 'White Trash', which, at the time, I thought was hilarious and ironic or a clever meta joke... which I later discovered it was not. I was 22 and drunk, okay? Still, though, we smashed, so the stamp served its purpose."

4. She busted a move on the dance floor.

"My last girlfriend and I met at a party where she was the only one dancing. Everyone else was standing around talking or looking at their phones, and she got out in the middle of the floor and just started dancing by herself. At first, I thought she was drunk, but she just kept it up and wasn’t sloppy or trashy about it, so I went out to try to dance with her — badly, I should add. After a few songs, she told me she was just out there because she was so bored with small talk and 'didn’t want to waste a perfectly good playlist.'"

5. Her hair fascinated me.

"I fell in love with a coworker once because of her hair. I mean, she was pretty and nice, too, but her hair is what drew me in. Every day, I just stared at it and thought about touching it playfully, which I didn’t because just me staring at it is creepy enough. I’ve never told anyone any of this, by the way."

6. She walked up to me and gave me her number.

"She just gave me her number. Came up to me, said something like, 'Hey, you’re hot. Call me.' And that was it. It was like, FINALLY. So simple! Such a huge load off and really admirable."

7. She stood up to a bully.

"My now-wife got into a verbal smackdown with one of our college professors. Nobody liked him, and we were all just slogging through the course with our heads down, always in silence, and one day he just pushed her too far and she unleashed the beast on him. She was full-on, standing up, calling him out very calmly and eloquently while he was being really immature and generally despicable. He kept getting more and more flustered and all of the rest of us were just staring at her in amazement. It was awesome. It took me until the end of the semester to ask her out, though. I was terrified... I’m glad I’ve got her on my team these days."

8. She duped me.

"Sophomore year of high school, this girl in my class did that trick with the cherry stem where she tied it in a knot inside her mouth. I had the biggest thing for her for the next THREE YEARS as a result, until a party we were at where I drunkenly blurted, 'Can you do that cherry stem thing with your tongue for us? That sh*t’s awesome!' She looked really confused for a second and then said, 'You know that’s just a trick, right? I had the twisted cherry stem hiding in my cheek.' Ah, youth."

9. She was extremely low-maintenance and chill.

"Actually, the girl I’m seeing now was the one person in her group of friends who looked like she wasn’t trying too hard. You could tell they’d all spent forever doing their hair and makeup for this outdoor afternoon thing we were all at, and she looked like she threw something comfortable on and went out. She didn’t look like a slob; I could tell she’d bathed! But, like, she just looked chill and confident that what she was doing was enough.

10. She flat-out asked if I wanted to have sex.

"I had a short-term thing with a woman just because she looked at me and said, 'We gonna f*ck or what?' mid-conversation. She wasn’t even on my radar before that, and it was so bold — jarring, even — but funny as f*ck. How was I supposed to say no?"

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